Do You Want Some Portal Lego?

Lego is one of the best inventions ever. Look, I’m not belittling wind up radios, sliced bread, hypodermic needles or Dyson hand dryers but Lego is just better. You could probably build a Dyson out of Lego and it would be instantly cooler because it was made of Lego.

Anyway, I’m letting myself be distracted. The story here is that a fan-led Cuusoo petition to get a Lego set made which is based on Valve’s Portal series of games has reached 10,000 signatures.


The magic number of 10,000 means that it will be forwarded for official consideration to the Lego adjudicators. Is there a more fun job title than “Lego adjudicator”? Imagine the talk at dinner parties. “Oh, you’re a doctor? How boring. Me? Oh, I adjudicate on Lego…”

So, the Portal Lego set, designed by “Team Jigsaw” who are Lego enthusiasts (who isn’t?) has got a shot at being made, if Lego’s mysterious panel of judges like it and Valve allow it to be made. Let’s be honest though, would Valve really say no on that phone call?

This Cuusoo voting system is what gave birth to the recently released Minecraft Lego so there’s precedent for game-based tie-ins coming through this system. There are still plenty of projects awaiting your votes too, if you want to spend the morning looking at imaginative Lego propositions. Anything that gets those cute little turret minifigs made is all right by me.

Source: Gamespot, thanks McProley



  1. Thanks for the mention :) and seriously, nothing cooler than Lego and gaming!

  2. Surely giving birth to minecraft Lego would be one of the the most uncomfortable experiences imaginable?

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