HMV Advert Claims The 3DS XL Has Two Analog Sticks

[drop2]For some reason, one HMV branch appears to think that the Nintendo 3DS XL – out next week – will come with two analog sticks.

“Ideal for left handed players,” says the blurb, as seen in the image, and, amusingly, “better precision during gameplay.”


That’s great, except that the Nintendo 3DS XL doesn’t have a second analog stick on the right – this looks like it’s a fan made mock-up taken from the internet.

Also, is that even an XL?

You can see the ad in more detail here.



  1. I would say that they must have gotten the work experience lad to do it but every school and college is breaking up so i’m going to say that they must have got Miguel the cleaner to do it. As I refuse to believe that someone who makes a living by working in marketing would make such an obivous mistake. Surely, someone would have noticed?
    Also, trading standards, meet HMV, HMV, meet trading standards.

    On the plus side, they have shown that a second analog stick doesn’t look too bad although it would result in accidentally button pushing as well as it being a bit uncomfortable to use. Unless they have actually gotten hold of the 2 stick model and have signed a deal with ninty that only allows them to sell it in exchange for 40% of the profits.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha this has properly made my day now!! Way to go HMV a truly total epic failure!

  3. You’re fired!

  4. A special model 3DS for the Norfolk market perhaps?

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