New Freebies For PlayStation Plussers

Remember when Sony Computer Entertainment just went “here, have a job lot of games for free” and splurged digital goodness all over PlayStation Plus subscribers? I bet your ISP remembers…

Well, they’re not really slowing down at all. In a bout of mid-month madness, the PS Blog has just announced the updates to the “Instant Game Collection”. If you’re a PS Plus Subscriber, you’ll get two more games for free and both are quite brilliant, in their own peculiar ways.


First up, Lara’s gone all isometric in the Tomb Raiding spin-off Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. This puzzling action game has co-op as well as some excellent level design and some lovely visuals. It should get you in the mood for Lara’s return in the Tomb Raider reboot later this year. Square Enix are also throwing in a hefty 50% discount on all the additional packs for this too so it might still be worth picking up a PSN card and topping up your wallet, even with so much free content floating around.

The second title is another show of support from THQ: the ridiculous, brilliant Saints Row 2. This is another co-op great, with seamless drop-in mayhem just a few moments away. The three add-ons are also discounted by 50% for a few weeks.

The Blog also teases some nice mid-August bonuses and reminds us that there’s a new Game of the Month freebie to come on August 1st. If you haven’t downloaded this month’s freebie, Deus Ex: Human Revolution yet, we’d recommend it.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Great, I have been tempted by Tomb Raider so many times (can’t get enough of some twin-stick shooting) but didn’t buy it – awesome news!

    Not a huge fan of Saints Row, but for free, it’s a no-brainer!! Smart move from THQ since there’s been a steady amount of DLC released.

    I wonder if the “up” in PS+ content is due to some consoles (e.g. the white PS3) coming with 90 days free PS+ subscription….although I haven’t seen Sony highlighting that fact!

    • You should enjoy it, I bought it on release and found the new concept of an isometric Tomb Raider game worked really well. You should enjoy getting 100% trophies also ;)
      Guess I might try Saints Row 2 then :P

  2. Ooh, I never Played that Lara game, I’ve heard it’s excellent in co-op, will be getting that, thanks Sony.
    Any idea when these are available?

    • tomorrow when the store updates between 4-6pm

    • Hope you enjoy it, Tony. I found it to be incredibly satisfying co-op as it felt anything but tacked-on. Top entertainment for a PSN title.

  3. (PS+ Offers + Steam Sales + AppStore offers)(Slow speeds) = (ISP Charges)^2

  4. Great to see more freebies but not interested in those games, hopefully the mid august games will be more to my liking.

  5. Never played a Saints Row game, mainly because of my illogical bias against THQ, so I think this is the ideal oppurtunity to put that to bed and play a THQ game
    If Guardian of Light is local multiplayer, I can see this taking up quite a bit of time, off to Google to check ;-)

    • It is and it’s great to play at home with a friend!

  6. Not interested in either game buy hey its free.

  7. I have to admit to being a little gutted due to having all 3 new games this month, but you cannot complain about the quality and value of the service.

    The Steam Sale has destroyed my internet and my unlimited usage is apparently in breach of the fair use policy, so it’s probably for the best.

    • This is usually my problem but for once there’s a game I was close to getting, but didn’t, and now I’m really pleased – guess this is how everyone else felt when I wasn’t getting anything new for free. Hopefully there’s something for you next time ;)

    • To break The Fair Usage Policy takes some doing.
      That must’ve been one awsome sale.

  8. nice saints row cant wait but cba with old lara ill wait 4 the new one

    • This Lara Croft is completely different to every Tomb Raider game you’ve played. In fact, I don’t think it even has the Tomb Raider name. It’s a top-down view game!

      Give it a go, it’s brilliant.

      • You are correct, it doesn’t – The deliberately avoided the Tomb Raider moniker to seperate it if i recall correctly.

  9. Well guess this will be my first time playing a Saint Row game. Won’t have time to play it doh :/. have only finished 1 of the 10 games we got last month :S.

    Have been closed to be buying the lara croft game alot of times so good to see it for FREE :D.

  10. Sony are really pushing the sales of HDD’s aren’t they?! 1TB just ordered

    • And unlimited download broadband packages…

    • Im treating myself to a 1TB HDD in just over a month for my B Day may i ask chief where your getting it from as i dont know owt about HDD’s an the only one ive seen so far is on Amazon for 77squid and its dual platter dont know if that makes a difference but it says its ps3 compatible.

    • Cheers for the reply chief looks and sounds bang same as the one im looking at on Amazon but i got price wrong its actually cheaper at £71.72 once again thanks for the reply chief ;)

      • TY:) Bookmarked that. My poor 250 is now under 20gb.

        I remember that day very well, it’s why I renewed my dusty day1 sub. I’ve always played it safe & stuck with GTA, but if I like SR2, i’ll be picking up SR3. Looking forward to both titles:)

      • Took the plunge and just ordered it early well it is my b day treat to myself lol was £75 with p&p going to take me a while to get all my stuff onto it as i havent got anything big enough to backup my stuff too only a 2gb memory stick with the software update ready to roll and some game saves.
        Also E8_BALL i know what you mean chief my 320gb has been down to megabytes and i bet ive got probably upto 50 games that ive had to delete just to get other things on to it my internet providers about to take a beating BRING ON THE DOWNLOADS ;D

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