Beck Confirmed For Sound Shapes, Out Soon On PS3 And Vita

PlayStation have confirmed that Beck will join the likes of Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie, and I Am Robot and Proud in providing music for upcoming PS Vita and PS3 title Sound Shapes, a unique music puzzler/platformer that’s out (in the US at least) on August 7th.

Beck will provide three tracks – Cities, Touch the People, and Spiral Staircase.

“Each song shows off a different aspect of Beck’s creativity, and therefore we had to make sure that we did each of those songs justice. Thanks to Sound Shapes’ level creation tools—the same tools players will be able to use with the in-game editor—this album shows just how well you can build fun levels around song structures,” says the blog.

Sound Shapes is one of those buy once get twice games, so you’ll be able to play on PS3 for free if you buy it for your Vita, and vice versa. US Plus subbers will get 20% off the price.


  1. Looks very cool and from the sounds of it, the music will be pretty interesting too. Will pick it up once it hits the EU store.

  2. Beck! Beck! Bought!

  3. With more and more vita titles being made for ps3 as well I ask you all is it really worth getting a vita?

    • Yes it is, if you’ve ever felt the urge to play a game in a position that was not on the couch in front of your console, whether that be in bed, the bathroom, the train, or anywhere really.

      But the Vita has exclusives- this just isn’t one of them. I haven’t seen any game that was released for Vita have a PS3 port announced yet.

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