GAME Now Charging For “Pre-Order DLC”

Well this is rather odd and slightly worrying, it appears GAME are now charging for traditionally ‘free’ pre-order bonuses.


Whilst hunting around for the best place to pre-order Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron I noticed that the standard version of the game is £39.99 but the ‘Exclusive Generation 1 Retro Pack’ is £44.99.

The pack contains a new skin for Optimus Prime and a couple of weapons.

Things get interesting when you study the wording of the GAME website: it does not say the pack is ‘Pre-order DLC’ but describes it as an ‘Exclusive Game Pack’.

I gave the GAME customer helpline a quick call and they confirmed that this is an ‘extra’ pack not a pre-order bonus, hence the higher price.

To confuse matters GAME are using an image from Activision that states the pack is a pre-order bonus and the official Fall Of Cybertron Facebook page are also posting that GAME are offering a the pack as a pre-order bonus rather than an ‘extra’.

We have contacted GAME for clarification, apparently they are a bit busy and will ‘resolve your query within 48 hours’.

By the way, the ‘Exclusive DLC’ is only exclusive until September 11th.



  1. So GAME going completely tits up taught them absolute bugger all.

    • This is not a new practise for Game Group, as far back as medal of honor they have charged for the pre-order bonus in games.
      pre-order and game and get teir 1 edition, they charged £42.99 for that one, but £39.99 for the standard.
      Battlefield 3 They charged extra for the physical warfare edition, advertised with the same rrp but then they charged £42.99 for it whilst the standard was £39.99….

      they get away with it because the rrp for games is £49.99 so they are still selling it for less, they are just milking the people who will pay. Standard GAME practice, nowts changed which is a shame.

  2. I feel sorry for the branches that closed when the top brass tossers at the top are still there trying to shaft us, the consumer.

  3. So much for trying to play it safe and sort out those pricing issues then.

  4. Next in line: Pre-order Store Entrance

    • Hah :) A bit like a ‘Speedy Boarding’ pass at the airport? Pay an extra fiver and jump to the front of the queue so you can sit on the plane for just a little bit longer!

      • But it guarantees you can sit together, you can sit and wait instead of standing in a queue an hour before boarding even starts, and you don’t have to put up with arseholes pushing and shoving when boarding does finally open. If you’re flying budget, then speedy boarding is a fiver well spent imo.

      • Oh, also, if you are a lanky bastard, you can often get emergency exit seats with extra leg room. That’s definitely worth £5!

      • For budget airlines, speedy boarding is a nice little optional extra. We went to Rome. The first time the Mrs has been on a flight to Italy and she wanted to see the view and the mountains etc, but no, some Italian fat bitch decided she did not want to have the visor open!

        If you don’t want to look out the window, don’t sit by it you inconsiderate fuckhead! …… (is what I wanted to say) instead i just annoyed fuck out of her by fidgeting all flight, making sure I had all of the arm rest and more and getting a bit promiscuous with the Mrs. :D

      • @Spikey Never been on a plane…but that story makes me so infuriated, I may have to start breaking things. Just imagining someone like that…aaarrrrgh!

    • I would honestly pay a few extra quid to make sure I was at the front of the cue in a midnight opening.

  5. Doesn’t shock me, they we’re selling the FFXIII-2 steel box pre-order bonuses from the shelves for £4.99 when that was released. Mind you, I think HMV were doing the same with the Hitman Sniper Challenge game you got free for pre-ordering the game.

  6. Game charge customers ‘Oxygen’ fee.

    Prices vary on pollution rates.

  7. I’m certain GAME are trying to shaft the consumer, but I’m also looking at the image that “states” it is a pre-order bonus and thinking it doesn’t actually “state” it is. It says “pre-order now” and then goes on to mention the G1 pack. Extremely suggestive of course, but not conclusive.
    Either way I stopped buying from Game years ago and moved on to Internet purchases or (I feel dirty admitting) Supermarket purchases.

    • Activision are calling it a pre-order bonus “Details for UK pre-order offers: play as G1 Optimus Prime in both single and multiplayer with GAME’s G1 Retro Pack, which also includes the G1-inspired Megatron Gun and Shockwave Blast Cannon.”

    • Ah well sod them then! Don’t want people losing jobs but also not supporting such money grabbing tactics.

  8. Dear GAME,
    If you choose not to learn from your mistakes and continue to give us the middle finger please choose to do so in 11 months time. I had a moment of madness this month and stupidly bought a pre-owned Xbox 360 from yourselves and would like a company to return it to should/when it goes tits up.


    • P.S. GAME call it an “exclusive game pack”, Activision call it a “pre-order bonus”, I personally call it a “pointless extra” :P

      • Lol, completely agree. I can never see the point in these extra skins etc. Must be something for the kids.

      • I must admit – I like bonus content like skins etc. Especially in multiplayer, I bought quite a few for GoW3 when it came out, I am one of those gamers that love custimization and take great pride in appearence both in gaming and in real life. Not sure why, but there is an element of attraction to these bonus contents, not that I think Game should charge for them! Thats an outrage.

  9. I feel sorry for the people that work there, they have the responsibility of representing a company of thieves, but still get dreadful pay. If I was them, i’d demand a pay rise everytime they devise a new cunning plan to rip everybody off.

  10. Can you get this pack anywhere else though? As if it is truly exclusive to them, preorder or no preorder, i can see how they can get away with charging for it. If someone else is offering the pack at regular price, it’ll just be the crowd that refuse to accept the internet exists that’ll get caught by this.

    Likelihood is though that this pack will appear on the store a few months down the line for a couple of quid.

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