PlayStation Plussers To Get Another “Game Of The Month” Next Week

PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe are to get an extra, bonus “Game Of The Month” next week, in addition to the ones already released and the one planned for Wednesday.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Saints Row 2 are both available to download now.


“Oh hey, you know how we’re giving you a new Game of the Month next Wednesday? Yeah… there’s an extra game,” said SCEE’s Ross McGrath. “To clarify, that means you get four games this month instead of three. Wait did I say four? I meant five.”

The additional game is one that SCEE “promised to bring” once it was released in Europe. Current Twitter speculation suggests it’s Rock Of Ages.

The new Game Of The Month, whatever that ends up being (remember, it’s in addition to the one hinted at above) will replace Deus Ex, which was last month’s GotM.



  1. Going to say this once…. PS Plus is AWESOME
    Thank You

  2. I got PS+ about 3 months ago, and man has it been worth the money. Good job Sony.

  3. I need a new 12 month sub soon….. I’m hoping the new games aren’t really like deflating ones because to me Lara and SR2 are good but I’m sure everyone’s played them because of sales and well…? Some things are great but haven’t selled all that well or a new game would be a cool thing. Rock of Age is going to be a blast, its a great game and with it being free I’m sure it’ll have enough life for a few online games if it has any.

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