First Content Update For The Secret World Is Live

Funcom’s latest massively multiplayer title, The Secret World, boasts one of the best-realised settings the ever-changing genre has witnessed in years. No doubt wanting to ride on the back of the game’s current momentum, the  Norweigan firm has committed itself to deliver monthly content updates to entice onlookers and dig its hooks deeper into current subscribers.

The first of these updates (or Issues), titled “Unleashed”, has just gone live this afternoon with a generous selection of new missions and in-game features. Scattered throughout The Secret World’s numerous locales, there are six additional quests in total which will see players investigate a missing author, as well as hunting down a super-powered student and warding the restless dead from a secluded mansion. “Nightmare” variants of The Ankh and Hell Fallen have also been worked into the update.


Perhaps one of the most sought after features since launch, The Secret World now plays host to a player-run auction house. Unlike the majority of MMOs, this won’t be run server-by-sever; this is one central marketplace that every player will be able to trade in.

Expect to see our full review of The Secret World next week.

Source: The Secret World