How To Transfer Data From An Old 3DS To A New 3DS XL

Despite it not being a terribly tricky thing to have to do, the fact that you can (reasonably) effortlessly transfer your data, saves and purchases from one console to another is dead handy.


All you need is an internet connection (to validate the licenses) and about an hour depending on how much data you have – the rest of it’s straightforward enough.

Our 3DS XL review is here.



  1. Cheers guys. By the sounds of it the Mrs is planning on upgrading her 3DS this weekend so this will save me a lot of time

  2. Ahh nice touch showing people how to do things like this, tsa is always going up in my estimation.

  3. The only catch is you have to rely on the store to let you do this if you’re trading in the older model against the new one…

    Nintendo should allow you to back everything up to a computer and deactivate the console, seems more simple that way.

  4. The pikmin animation is a touch of genius. I had a good laugh whilst sorting my brothers XL out.

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