Sleeping Dogs ‘Hard Boiled’ Trailer

Square Enix have released a new trailer for Sleeping Dogs that shows off some impressive gun action.


The trailer seems to like pointing light sources at the camera so in the words of BBC News, ‘The video contains flash lighting.’

Square Enix also highlight the ‘aggressive cover system’, a new mechanic that switches the game into slow motion when you emerge from cover whilst simultaneously shouting ‘Did you spill my pint?’ in a gruff voice.

Sleeping Dogs will be wagging its tail in the window of all good video game stores on August 17th.

Source: YouTube



  1. Awesome – Can’t wait.

    I just hope that enough of True Crime still exists within the game, but that they have updated & expanded on it (as there were some things that could have used a bit of ‘tweaking’ in the older titles).

    • Indeed, I loved true crime.
      Been keeping a close eye on this one. This & SR3, will keep me going untill the next GTA, the Godfather of the genre is released.

  2. Hadn’t even heard of this game until last week but now I cannot wait. Puts the likes of GTA and Saints Row to shame in my opinion. Love the look of the combat, etc :D I’m not entirely sold on the voice acting yet though

    • Really. A big Hollywood cast involved.

  3. Really looking forward to picking this up. Been able to use different things in the environment to take down and kill enemies looks pretty sweet.

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