“Real Racing 3” Looks Better Than A Lot Of Console Racers

Back when I reviewed Real Racing 2 I hinted that the game was up there along with Gran Turismo 5. In terms of scale and scope – it’s not – but there were elements, like the brilliant graphics, that made the iPhone and iPad game really shine.

It was a real showcase for the (then) new iPad 2, and it looks incredible on a (now) New iPad. It’s been spoiled slightly by some in-app purchases recently, but it’s still worth getting.


But there’s a new contender – Real Racing 3.

Proper licensed tracks (that’s Laguna Seca) and better graphics again suggests that if FireMonkeys (the new name for the developers) can tweak the physics a little this could be absolutely amazing.

Racing games have always been a nice fit for the iPhone and iPad – controls rarely an issue – but you can’t help wondering what damage something like a Vita version of this might do.

Sony’s machine should be able to cope with this, being as it’s said to be running similar levels of grunt as the New iPad. And everyone knows Gran Turismo will be years away…

Real Racing 3 is out this year.



  1. I’m really looking forward to this! I game on my iPhone a lot, mostly because I’m lazy and it always just so happens to be in my pocket or right next to me. Convenience FTW! I don’t mind IAPs, they’re in the majority of iPhone games lately, but I can look past them since I won’t ever be silly enough to pay for what is IMO, the equivalent of cheats…

    Also, have to say I loved the song in the trailer, which was Netsky’s remix of Everyday for anyone not in the know. :)

  2. Looks lovely but I don’t know how people can play racing games on a phone, tilt controls are horrible for them, up there with using a wii-mote to steer.

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