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Here’s Your MGS4 Trophy List

It’s been a long wait for fans of the stealth-action series but, at last, Metal Gear Solid 4 is getting the trophy treatment next month (for Japan AND other regions).

Bronze You enjoy all the killing, that’s why. Killed many enemies in one area, and vomited.
Bronze Divine Wind Caused a “divine wind” using the Tanegashima.
Bronze Hands Up! Held an enemy soldier at gunpoint and performed a body check.
Bronze Emotion Control Controlled an enemy soldier’s emotions using an Emotive Magazine.
Bronze Hurt me more! Shocked an enemy soldier using Mk. II/III.
Bronze Drum Can Addict Knocked an enemy soldier flying using a Drum Can.
Bronze That Tune Is His Mind Control Music Played Oishii Two-han Seikatsu and made one of the BB Corps dance.
Bronze Overhead view — just like old times… Used overhead view on Shadow Moses Island.
Silver SUNLIGHT! Obtained the Solar Gun.
Silver I Just Don’t Fear Death Caused ALERT status while wearing the Corpse Camo.
Silver Where I Can See Ya Located enemy soldiers using the Scanning Plug.
Silver Ghost Photography Addict Snapped at least 5 shots of ghosts on Shadow Moses Island.
Silver FaceCamo Addict Obtained 10 or more types of FaceCamo (excluding types obtained via password).
Silver Can you feel my power now!!!? Took control of an enemy soldier’s body using the Mantis Doll or Sorrow Doll.
Silver Are you an Otaku too? Viewed all model posters.
Silver You’re pretty good. Got kissed by Ocelot during the final battle.
Gold Flashback Mania Viewed all flashbacks.
Gold Sounds of the Battlefield Obtained all iPod® tracks (excluding tracks obtained via password).
Gold I am THE expert on weapons, equipment and cutting-edge technology. Obtained all weapons (excluding weapons obtained via password).
Platinum The Legendary Hero Obtained all trophies.

A few in there might be tough to pull off (or will at least require a bit of time) but, for the most part, it looks relatively easy. Even more so when you hold it next to the MGS HD collection.

Hey, at least there aren’t any online trophies. Oh, what, too soon?

If you’re relatively new to the series (or just a bit of avid collector) Konami has confirmed that future retail stock of MGS4 will come with the trophies on-disc.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog


  1. I belive to get the scanning plug u have to play a certain amount of time on MGO??….

    • You can unlock it with a password. It’s an item rather than a weapon, so it’s not an problem.

  2. I like Trophies that you get just for completing levels really, so i like easy’ish Trophies :D I really can’t be bothered going for time consuming Trophies tho :-/ Or Hard mode Trophies. I got 16 Plats tho so far;)

    • Wow. I like easy-ish to medium trophy sets but I’ve only got 4 plats :-( I won’t go near no Terminator game though!

      • I really enjoyed Terminator Salvation, plus £4 was a bargain!

      • I enjoyed it as well.

      • My one & only plat lol. I took the pain of a semi-enjoyable game, hoping i’d get the plat bug.

  3. 14 are secret so might be hard plus the ipod one is not easy.

  4. Easy? You have to get ALL 40 emblems in order to get every weapon and every iPod song. That’s the opposite of easy

  5. I’m guessing the 14 extra ones are for each act, each boss, and maybe a couple of nice cheeky ones. I’ll be surprised if there isent one to do with the Mantis fight or another nostaic Shado Moses one….

  6. I have no intention of trying to get the platinum for this, but the trophies make a nice excuse to play through this again.
    Glad they are sorting my biggest gripe with the game: the chapter installs that still need to be done on repeat play throughs!

  7. “Used overhead view on Shadow Moses Island.”

    What? Never knew that was possible!

    • It’s not proper overhead view, u just lift the camera as high as it goes for a minute or two and snake will say something about it. U can’t play it like it because u can’t really see anything but him…..

  8. I just figured out that you need to get the Big Boss Emblem to get the ‘last’ ipod song.

    Number of Alert Phases: 0
    Number of kills: 0
    Number of continues: 0
    Game time: < 5:00
    Rations, Regain, Noodles used: 0
    *No use of Stealth Camouflage or the Bandana
    *The Boss Extreme

    • Nvm, just read that someone noted that above.
      Getting al Emblems is pretty hard..

    • Yeah to get the Snake Eater song you have to get every single emblem. Theres one that u have to have over 35 hours of game time, 50 continues, an hour of being in box, and hour of clinging to the wall, and some other ridiculous ones..

  9. The trophy patch is live in PAL regions…

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