Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch Now Live In Europe

Quick heads up – the Metal Gear Solid 4 patch is now live in Europe (as it is across the rest of the world) and along with offering up a full install option (it’s about 9GB) there’s also the long awaited introduction of trophies.

If you want to see what the trophies are – click this link for the full list.

And if you think trophies are for everyone, there’s some interesting discussion going on here in our latest opinion piece that might make you think otherwise.


  1. Had a quick butchers at this last night on the NeoGaf forums. Platinum is going to be a tuff one. :(


  3. With a slight reference to the recent trophy article, I don’t think I’ll replay this (great) game just to get the trophies, as much as I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, this is great for people who haven’t already played it or hardcore MGS fans, but for me there are new games and experiences to be played, which themselves with have trophies! Plus I can use this as proof that I don’t just play games for trophies :p

    • Ditto. I plan on playing all of the Metal Gear games in order when the winter weather sets in then maybe go after 2’s platinum. I think I’ll save 4’s nitty gritty for next year. Did you finish Peace Walker’s story in the end?

      • Yeah good plan – I would need to Plat 2 & 3 on Vita, and finish PW before I considered 4! Not yet, I only play it co-op (mainly with McProley) but we’re slowly working through Dead Space: Extraction co-op, then it’s back to finish PW as the latter is by far the longer of the two! ;)

      • Fair enough its definitely a slog, with some faffing I clocked in at 90 hours! Let me know if you need any help when you get there… I doubt I’ll ever have a free evening but I can dream haha.

      • Lol – will do, thanks for the offer mate!

    • I see where your coming from, if I wasn’t a massive fan i’d probably do the same. Plus this is going to be a tough platinum, its going to take up alot of my time and effort that could be spent on other games. I’ll happily dedicate that time to MGS though, the best series i’ve ever played :)

      • Best of luck – I do want my Peace Walker Platinum though, that game is the best MGS in my opinion. ;)

      • See I personally wasn’t that convinced with Peace Walker, it had potential but I think it steered away from the ‘conventional’ MGS themes and I didn’t agree with that, i’m very stuck in my ways about MGS! (I wasn’t very happy when I found about MGS4’s camera view and lack of wall pressing.) I can see why Peacewalker would attract positive attention though, its still a great game, but i’d just prefer to view it as a spin off rather than a member of the MGS series, kind of like Revengeance.

  4. Wicked! ! ! :P I thought i might have to wait another 4 years for the Trophy patch to come to Europe to LoL:D

    • Lol just what I was thinking!

  5. Great, i thought the full-install option might be confined to the re-release disk, now i just need to find time to play it again!

  6. So this might have inspired me to finally play through the series in order starting with the HD re-releases. I’ve never been into MGS, its just a little too nuts for me, but I’ll give it a go and see if I can begin to understand the plot.

    • Try starting with the PlayStation 1 game dude, its inexpensive on eBay and it gets you into the daft Japanese stealth groove.

    • I haven’t played any of the earlier MGS games so this will be the first MGS game I play :s not the way to do it

      • That’s how I did it; MGS4 then the rest. Didn’t plan on it becoming my favourite gaming series ever, it just happened :P

  7. Now I just need to buy the HD collection before playing this one!

  8. Will probably hold out for a trophy guide just so I know what I’m getting into.

  9. Been playing the HD collection on Vita and the controls are pretty sucky to say the least. I think I’ll just dive into MGS4 as I can’t play PS1 or PS2 graphical games anymore.

    • I don’t think they’re too bad, but given the option I’d play on PS3 over Vita, no question.

  10. Well I will have to find the disc now, to play it again

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