LittleBigPlanet Karting Gets Release Date

PlayStation have just announced that LittleBigPlanet Karting will be released – in Europe – on the 7th of November. That’s the 9th in the UK, which normally sees new games released on a Friday.


Pre-orders will net you retailer-specific extras, including racing car outfits, an arcade machine kart or a golf buggy. You can even get a Sackboy Kevin Butler costume.

A lenticular cover special edition will also be released.



  1. I’ll have to wait for a demo to see if the sense of speed was increased or not. In the beta it felt like a snail race.

  2. The Beta really put me off the racing was so slow and it was just basically MNR with sackboy involved!..But my other haf may buy herself it

    Hopefully a demo is released nearer release but can’t see me buying it not with Christmas and the 6 or 7 games i’ve already got pre-ordered in October/November.!

  3. That’s one of the most stupid release dates I’ve heard of. I liked the demo, yes it was a little slow but it was fun. It wasn’t as easy to design tracks as modnation but good results were possible with trial, error and patience.

    Still, with that release date I won’t be getting it on release, too much other good stuff release in september, October, November.

  4. was a good idea but until they sort the gameplay out, its a no buy for me

  5. Tough, Sega and Sonic All Star Racing Tranformed is released in the 16th. I’d likely be going for that instead of LBPK… but then again it wouldn’t hurt to own both.

  6. Funny video:D Looks better each time i see it:P

  7. Utterly agree with the lack of speed. I hope its increased for the game itself. I will still get it but I think Allstars and F1 are higher on my list.

  8. Why the fuck does everyone release the games in November! People have other stuff to buy for the holiday season you know and there will be better games released………… November -_-

  9. Strangely, I preferred the racing in this game to Modnations, but very much preferred Modnations create studio to the slightly lacking create studio in LBPK.
    It’s not a title I’ll be needing day one anyway, especially as there is too much releasing over the next few months.
    F1 2012, F1 Race Stars, Rocksmith, NFS Most Wanted…….to name the games that I can think of at the moment!!

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