Sony’s Free-To-Play Shooter “Bullet Run” Is Now Live

Sony Online Entertainment is definitely one of the biggest names to back the recent trend in free-to-play (F2P) gaming. Alongside its current portfolio which includes Everquest, PlanetSide 2, and DC Universe Online, the company has adopted foreign talent, having signed a deal with German studio ACONY earlier this year. The developers’s first game, formerly known as “Hedone” has just been released for PC under its new title “Bullet Run”.


Ready to play almost instantly (if you’re already registered with SOE), Bullet Run is a highly competitive online shooter in which reality TV contestants do battle in their bid for eternal fame and glory. We’ve spent a good couple of hours with the game and rate it highly in comparison to other F2P alternatives. The gunplay is fairly light, combining elements from Battlefield, Call of Duty with a number of arcade influences.

Micro-transactions are also available, though don’t feel as forced as they do in some F2P games. Users can also upgrade to “Platinum” membership status; this effectively speeds up player progress, allowing you to earn credits much faster and purchase items at a reduced rate. Paying customers don’t have to level up to unlock the game’s more extravagant gallery of customisation items either.

It’s great fun and definitely worth a punt if you’re currently caught up in the Summer gaming drought.



  1. This is going to be released for ps3 aswell right? If so anyone know when?

    • It was originally planned for PS3 and 360 apparently. There’s no word on a PS3 version in the pipeline. It could easily work, though SOE might want more of a PC following before taking that route.

  2. Looks fun for sure. I still have too much of a backlog of games to complete to start this though.
    Also noticed it looks fairly similar in style to Borderlands – not a bad thing at all

    • For me it looks quite similar to Gotham City Impostors (plays quite similar too.)

  3. and to think, people complain about big brother, at least we’re not at the stage of live fights to the death yet.
    though i bet channel five have a set all ready to go when we do. O_O

    • Have you not seen the running man? Shows like that would be awesome!

      • i’ve seen it, but have you read the book?

        the book is more like Battle Royale than a gameshow.

      • I haven’t (i don’t tend to read much, which is strange coming from someone who spends so much time here!), but i had heard as much.

        Then again, the film had Arnie in it, so it had to be at least a little campier (still not quite his usual standard of campy-ness though!)! :)

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