Velocity Was Delayed Due To ‘Champagne’

You may recall we were rather excited about the release of Futurlabs’ puzzle shooter ‘Velocity’ and then the release date slipped a month.

News has reached us that the reason for the delay was drunkenness and champagne, but this does not mean the team were out on the razz and forgot to hit the big ‘Submit to Sony’ button.

“We missed a few lines of text in the back story that mentioned the words ‘champagne’ and ‘drunk’: two words not allowed in a 3+ /E for Everyone rated game,” explains James Marsden, “we missed our PlayStation Plus slot because of this.”

You can read our review the game here or save yourself some time by reading this handful of words instead – it’s brilliant, buy it.

Source: Edge


  1. I am guessing it’s not ‘what was said, but how it was said’ (to quote a few of my exes), but it still surprises me that those two terms cannot appear in a game rated for everyone.

    I suppose its so all those 3 year olds don’t go out & get drunk on champagne as a result of playing the game! Of course. *rolls eyes*

  2. The daily velocity post….

  3. I seriously doubt that a 3 year old will take up drinking just because of the words, champagne and drunk. Plus, they won’t know the what they mean. The simpsons features both and that is often for everyone. I suspect the team were out getting wasted as well but after they had submitted it. ;)

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