Sony “Abandons” The Last Guardian Trademark

[drop2]This is interesting. According to reports emerging, Sony has abandoned the US trademark for the long in development Team Ico game The Last Guardian.

“Abandonment Notice!” says Trademarkia. “On Monday, August 6, 2012, status on the THE LAST GUARDIAN trademark changed to ABANDONED – NO STATEMENT OF USE FILED.”


Fancy the name for yourself? “Apply Now starting at $159!” advertises the site. Not a bad price at all, all things considered.

Hopefully this is just a change of name for a game that has had some poor news of late – you do need to show that a trademark will be used commercially in order to keep it.

Either that or someone forgot to renew it.

Rumours abound that – assuming The Last Guardian isn’t dead completely – development has been moved to PS4.

Update: Some further clarification is useful here. Sony filed an “Intent to Use” application for the trademark, which you can do as a way of ensuring that you won’t be beaten to the use of it after investing in a project. But the Intent to Use file expires, a measure in place to avoid people squatting on trademarks.

Sony has filed multiple extension applications for this one and the hope is that they just didn’t quite get this latest extension application in on time. Let’s all take a deep breath, cross our fingers and hope that they’re just a bit pre-occupied with putting together lots of awesome reveals for Gamescom next week, eh?



  1. RIP “that BBC game”


    Surely if development was moved to the PS4 they’d still keep the trademark?

    • …unless they’re going to change the name.

  3. Ive got a feeling something went badly wrong with this game in development. Something they couldnt possibly fix with the limitations of current hardware.

    Reached for the stars but barely got out of orbit…..or some other weird analogy ;)

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *gets on knees and does it in the Darth Vader voice* I really hope it’s a name change as TLG looks very promising and to cancel it would imply that new and unique IPs are nearly dead. :S Plus, i was looking forward to the KB ad of it. I can see MS buying it just so that they can dance infront of Sony’s headquarters with a message saying they now own the name.

  5. C’mon 5 days before Gamescom, coincidence? I think not.

    Someone had said they might be changing it because of……

    The Last of Us is so close to the name The Last Guardian.

    Must be changing the name, for a new trailer release at Gamescom with release date.

  6. This is so sad if true, this had the potential to be an utterly unique and tranquil game, one that I’d love to play.
    Hope it’s just a name-change then, although I’m not very optimistic at this stage.

  7. Balls.

    Name change please.

  8. Gaming sites seem to love printing articles about this game not coming out??? Strange that.

    • what motivation do you suppose the entire gaming press could have for reporting on one of our (us and many games journalists, PlayStation fans and gaming enthusiasts) most widely yearned-for games disappearing and losing some key staff?

      None of us want this to be canned but it’s looking (as almost everyone in the press agrees) like it’s either dead or slipped to next gen.

      It’d be the easiest thing in the world to stop all these stories though – Sony just has to clarify the project’s status. The silence, as the old saying goes, is deafening.

      • pretty much.

        i’m a massive fan of team ico – i think ico and shadow are both stunning games – but 8 years now on this? it’s not coming out, is it?

  9. It’ll take a lot more than that to make me give up hope! *adjusts blinkers*

  10. Not looking good. Wheels started going when genius Ueda walked away to go freelance or whatever happened. If this has been cancelled then it’s a very sad day indeed. If it’s a name change and rebranding for ps4 then it’s stilla little sad but far more palatable. I still hold out hope for the former. No one does tranquil, thought provoking beauty like team ico. No one.

    • I mean hold out hope for the latter. Silly me.

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