Sony Having A Difficult Time Getting Third Party Support For PS Vita

Speaking to the US version of the Official PlayStation Magazine, SCE Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that getting PS Vita buy-in (and, thus, games) from third parties isn’t proving to be terribly easy beyond a couple of obvious examples.

“We’re having a more difficult time than we had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers, but that’s our job,” he said, suggesting that he’s far from giving up the chase.


“We will continue to talk to development communities and publishing partners and tell them why Vita can provide a great experience for the IPs they have and I hope the Assassin’s Creed game will prove that,” he added.

Whilst Sony’s own studios have put out some great titles over the launch period, even they’re starting to dry up now, with only a few left in the tank marked ‘announced’ – LittleBigPlanet, Smart As and Soul Sacrifice. All Stars Battle Royale is perhaps another.

There’ll be more – like Killzone, for example, but in terms of top-tier third parties it’s really only Ubisoft and Activision (with the Call of Duty game) that are really creating exclusive Vita content.

Of course, indies and numerous PS Mobile developers are still very keen.



  1. Ubisoft are awesome. It’s a huge effort from them to support both the Vita and upcoming WiiU so heavily right out of the blocks, whilst Activision and EA have been far more tentative, and hurt the console’s chances.

    Really quite disappointing, really.

  2. So long as the third parties keep pushing out games, even if they’re not exclusive offerings, Vita should do ok.

    Sony should at least remind third parties to release ports of games, if they won’t do exclusives.

    • Yes, and PS3 ports at that. The LEGO ports we’ve been given so far are just the Nintendo DS versions, not bigger and better ports of the PS3 games, which the Vita can obviously handle

      • 3DS maybe.

        I just got Lego Harry Potter yesterday and it’s excellent fun so far, and there’s no way the DS could push graphics like this.

        This is either a 3DS or iPad port.

      • I stand corrected…I don’t own any Nintendo devices so can’t really tell the difference between the games but still…the Vita should really have PS3 ports, not DS, 3DS, PC, Mega Drive or otherwise!

  3. Without an install-base who’s going to sign off budgets to make blockbuster games? This is where the barrier to entry is too high & the less advanced 3DS doesn’t require the same upfront commitments and then of course there is the even lower barrier to entry of web, iOS & Android where money can be made if you have a good idea with next to no investment.

    Vita stands for an old business model, it’s going to take some commitment from Sony to keep it going & you have to wonder if it’s worth their while, all the time they’re doing so Xperia loses ground to iOS and other Android devices. There’s too many fingers in too many pies and whilst the still-born, slow to appear PSSuite (PS Mobile) is missing which would have tied it all together.

    I’m sure they’ll show plenty off at Gamescom after the E3 balls-up, this should reaffirm the purchase in the minds of existing owners, but I doubt it will be enough to break outside of the core of Sony fans, a bit of AC, a bit of CoD & something from Sony???? *shrugs* they’re not suited to being mobile anyway and are better played on a sofa where I have my PS3/PC to hand.

    • How does the Vita stand for an old business model moreso than anything else? iPhone gaming is a joke, don’t even bring that into the conversation until controls on phones becomes a standardized thing. The 3DS isn’t anywhere near as advanced as the Vita in terms of getting games into customers’ hands.

      I own a few digital copies of games on my Vita, can’t do that on the 3DS yet and even then it won’t be EVERY SINGLE GAME available for the 3DS like with the Vita. Sony’s already made it clear that they’re fine with free-to-play games hitting the Vita, it’s even getting Phantasy Star Online 2 next year. The Vita allows for way more game options than any other console on the market right now, from hardcore home-console-style titles to casual touch-friendly titles. I find it funny that you’d just claim that the PS3 is all you feel Sony should focus on, I guess Nintendo should ONLY focus on handhelds, Microsoft should ONLY focus on Windows for home PCs and Apple should ONLY focus on smartphones. Competition’s a very good thing, it benefits both Sony and Nintendo in the portable gaming realm. Smartphone gaming also helps out dedicated handhelds, introducing pocket gamers to the joy of gaming on the go and then leading to them realizing that they could have much better experiences on a dedicated handheld gaming system. Personally I’d much, much rather have my Vita than a PS3 or even a PS4, you can’t take them with you on the go and you can’t play in any room in your house without unplugging and plugging them in. When my electricity goes out when it’s raining, I can keep playing my Vita until it’s back up. That’s priceless. You don’t have interest in the Vita, I don’t have interest in the PS3. That doesn’t mean I can just stupidly say “well Sony should just focus on the Vita and totally ignore home consoles since I prefer the Vita.”

      I mean, are you trying to say that it’s outdated to sell a handheld game system and then sell games for it or something? That’s just kinda how things work, your logic seems very flawed. It looks to me, from the content of your post, like you just want the Vita to fail so you spread narcissism online to communicate your opinion. I just don’t see any other reason for the idiocy in your post, it makes no sense from any other angle. Any portable gamer should lust after the Vita, it’s easily the best handheld game system ever made by miles- this is coming from someone who’s gamed almost exclusively on Nintendo platforms throughout his life, fanaticism doesn’t enter the equation. It has a lovely screen, dual-analogs and all the buttons you’d want, it’s one of the most powerful handheld devices in the world, it’s at a great price and it even has a rear touchpad for accurate touch controls without having to take your thumbs off of buttons or analog sticks.

  4. They need to get Rockstar on board, GTA (or Red Dead) on the Vita would be a huge seller. And they released quite a few games on the PSP.

    • totally agree, praying for a surprise announcement at gamescom for Vita, even if it is GTA Trilogy in HD would be a good start.

  5. This is why i love Ubisoft full support for new consoles were other developers are a bit slow and maybe scared to support a brand new console or even a console that isn’t selling so well yet, Ubisoft couldn’t give 2 s***s, all 3 of my launch Vita titles where from Ubisoft and i can’t wait for AC3L.

  6. Man this is not good news at all. I was thinking of picking up the vita this month but after reading this i would feel like i wasted alot of money.

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