Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Participants

Here we are; literally the calm before the storm. Twelve drivers have signed up to the madness which means that there are still four places left! If you wish to dash into one of these final places then simply comment below with you vehicle of choice and livery colours you shall be showing off in races!

Update: All of the driver positions have now been filled. 

Now to reveal the riders:

  • Death_in_Flamez (Admin)
  • MadJunkBoy
  • OrigamiKiller48
  • Tonycawley
  • Thebezerka
  • THLNetwork
  • Motalla
  • OnlineAssassin77
  • XisTG
  • Tomjakes
  • ProjectJAY
  • Kivi95
  • Topgearsam
  • Sympozium
  • Kegs11

The first round will be staged in the Downtown area.  The tracks everyone should be looking at will be run at four laps each:

  • Financial Ruin
  • Maul Rats
  • Retail Therapy
  • Credit Crunch

Sunday the 12th of August is the day that the madness kicks off. Remember if you can please record your matches and upload to Youtube as soon as possible!

Good luck to all!

This tournament has been organised by TSA member DeathinFlamez



  1. I’d play but I can’t make that date. :(

    • A lot of drivers are missing the first week too :) In fact, Motalla isn’t even back until the end of August! Sign up and we can still include you! <3

  2. Looking forward to seeing the footage, good luck gents!

  3. I am excite.

    All I’ve got to work with recording the races is an iPhone…I anticipate poor quality. And possibly cussing in the background.

    • iPhone recordings look quite good! Better than my 1080p efforts with my camera, which seems to get all sorts of wavey colour interference. And bad language can only boost the quality!

  4. Can I enter
    Dirt bike- Wasabi Wildcat Mx Blue/red livery
    I need to know what time tomorrow though.
    and I don’t think I have any good way of recording the race is that a problem. I could use my vita but the quality is going to be awful.

    • 8pm tomorrow Sam :) and if you can’t record then there’s no worries ^^

      • Ok then thanks :) I’ll be able to make it then, I will try to record something but can’t make any promises it will be good.

    • awesome sam! more driver the better!
      *thumbs up*

  5. i am really excited!
    it’s going to be awesome!
    need to get practising! =D

  6. Having just raced twice against TopGearSam I’ll be signing up.
    My weapon of choice will be my trusty Buggy.
    This will be a fail and I can’t record any footage, sorry.

    • Oh and It’s a red/blue livery.
      And I’ve used TSA as my Clan Tag.

      • i hope we all use TSA!
        cause we are TSAgents! =D

  7. I’d like to throw my name in the hat, Kegs11, racing in orange and green, will see you there ;)

  8. Looking forward to this! I have some family do tomoro but should be ok.
    Will be recording on my iphone which is a bit shite, for my sections can you keep me commentary in though? ;)

  9. Can an admin please update this article? Sympozium and Kegs11 have taken the last places and now all 16 drivers are confirmed :)

    The final four drivers are:
    – Topgearsam
    – GTOWN
    – Sympozium
    – Kegs11

    • cool.

    • Full house? Now I am really excite :D

    • awesome we’ve got 16 players!
      now i’m thrilled for this!
      BRING IT ON!!!! =D

      • Last place is for me so don’t even dare to take it. *polish’s last place trophy*

      • Symp, I think you can save the polished turd for me!

  10. Next time I’ll get involved! In fact, put me on a substitute list should anyone fait to attend :)

    • Well BRY there will be drivers who are unable to attend events I know for certain this week and possibly even the entire tournament! I could name you the wildcard player if you wish? :)

      • Let him play the weeks Im not there, we can share the winnings ;)

      • Yeah! I wish to be the wildcard :)

        OK – You can have the money, I’ll take the women.

      • Deal! I can buy women with money so I win ;)

      • but with women u can earn money, if u know what i mean ;)

      • The women will be paying me!

      • Damn you both!

        By the way MJB some of your times on MS:A are crazy, nearly 4 seconds faster than me on one, and I was ranked in the top 400 on the track. I shall be trying to keep close to you

      • @OK: are u playing time trail?
        think i can best some of my times there easily! :P

      • Yeah, oh really? :P
        Well I guess Im going to have to up my game a little

      • now that i think of it i havn’t had any practise in time trail on the tracks we are going to do tomorrow! :P
        guess i need to go and practise those tracks now :P

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