Tony Hawks HD Grinding Onto PSN This Month

[drop2]Those pesky Xbox 360 owners have been having all the fun, kickflipping over the half pipe in Warehouse and wallriding school bells. Well, fear not PS3-only skate fans – Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD isn’t far off for you.

Activision has just announced, via its Twitter feed and Facebook page, that it’s coming on the 28th of this month to the PSN. I’m not quite sure why they’ve mocked up a box cover for it, because it is still download only, but it’s nice to see, nonetheless.


Alex was a massive fan of the originals and found a lot to like in this version when he reviewed it so it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.

There’s still no word of a date for the PC version.



  1. It’s about time! Cannot wait will make sure i have money in my virtual PS wallet

  2. Dammit – When i saw that (what i now realise) mocked up box art, i got a little bit giddy for a second. I dare say i even got a bit wet.

    Then i realised it was just a mock up (for some unknown reason) & this game went back to just being a bit ‘meh’ for me.

    Y u toy with my emotions Activision??

    • Why does the format make a difference? Going from ‘wet’ to ‘meh’ because it’s digital and not disc, seems a bit odd?

      • Not really – I prefer disc based games, as they tend to take up less HDD space. Plus i have games on my HDD i haven’t really looked at in months, as i tend to focus on my boxed titles, as they are the games i can trade when i am done with them.

        Besides, i suggested that they bundle all the content together (main game & DLC) & distibute it as a boxed product, which i thought they had taken ‘on board’ (haha!), but apparently not.

        Case in point; If they released a bundled game with local multiplayer & all DLC included, it would be a day one for me. This however, i will likely give a miss, which is a shame.

      • Fair enough. Just found it a bit strange that your opinion on a game would change so much because of how much HDD space it would take up!

        I’d be up for a disc version incl. DLC, but only because I’d more than likely be able to find it online for cheaper than on PSN.

  3. Too late Activision, lost interest now.

    • Talk about a short attention span, lol!

      • With the game not playing the same as the original coupled with delaying it on PSN; I think quite a few people will think the same.

  4. You lost me at “…wallriding school bells”.

    Let’s be honest here, Tony’s going to struggle to do any sort of skating with that fridge in tow.

  5. My money just got spent on Counter-Strike GO, you’re gonna have to wait Tony!

  6. PS+ freebie. This will be the big announcement. This is why I’m waiting before signing up again. I’ve got a few weeks left.

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