WeView Verdict: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

So here we are, it’s time to see what our community thought of one of the biggest games of all time. The Call of Duty series certainly may not be for everyone, but you can’t really argue with its popularity; the sales figures speak for themselves. The question is whether or not that popularity is earned by a game that blows away the competition, or is it simply a hold over from earlier games in the series?

Sitting on the “it’s pretty good” side of the fence was tobo_56, who felt that the “the single player did well to close the story which was one of the main reasons I bought this game – to find out the fate of the characters, who I feel the series develops well.”

That’s something I can certainly agree with, the story managed to pull everything together nicely and didn’t really leave any threads dangling at the end. In fact tobo_56 enjoyed the single player so much that they actually played through the game three times, although they admit that it was at least partly to collect the game’s trophies.

[drop2]On the all important multiplayer side of things they “found the multiplayer pretty similar to that of previous CoD games but I enjoyed the new features a lot.” In particular they liked the game’s Infected mode, and also found time to praise the Spec Ops missions.

Quite firmly on the other side of the argument was Motalla, who took a principled stance against the game. You see, they’ve decided that they “do not want to support lazy publishers and studios who reshuffle and recycle the same thing over and over again.” Ultimately they were given a copy of the game as a gift, and found it “the same as the previous MW game, it adds nothing new.”

As for the multiplayer side of things? Well they “played a few multiplayer rounds but they were a bore, maps are to small and no destructive enviroment.” Perhaps Activision needs to change the game up a bit.

Flipping back to the positive for a moment we have gazzagb. He was more than happy with the game, praising the game’s “brilliant (but short) single player”, although felt it didn’t quite live up to Modern Warfare 2 on the multiplayer side of things.

Interestingly it’s the way the game’s improved the multiplayer balance that he dislikes, saying that it’s much harder for one good player to carry the poor players on their team. Whilst that situation seems fairer to me, I can understand good players getting annoyed that their team mates are dragging them down.

For a final negative view, it’s time to take a look at what Origami Killer thought. They called the game “a mess”, complaining that the “single player story has become so far fetched.” They also took issue to the way the game rapidly switches between characters, finding it hard to keep track of what was going on.

Their main complaint, though, is the lack of any real innovation in the game, saying that the gameplay has “had the same mechanics for 4/5 years now. I’m finding it so repetitive and lifeless that I would rather watch paint dry.” That absence of change stretches over to the multiplayer, which they thought could easily be mistaken for Modern Warfare 2. They noted, as did many, that with the different elements that games like Battlefield 3 are now offering, Call of Duty needs to make some changes or risk being left behind.

Ultimately the community’s verdict was pretty close this week. There were two of you who voted for Rent It, whilst three selected Buy It. However, Avoid It came out ahead, with four of you rating the game as not worth playing at all. It’s worth noting that several of you forgot to vote at all though, meaning you were left out of the final verdict.

As you can see I’ve included a new poll on the right, so you can vote for tomorrow’s WeView. Modern Warfare 3 has been removed, obviously, and I’ve also removed Lollipop Chainsaw for receiving the lowest number of votes in last week’s poll. Hopefully with this system fresh options will make their way into the poll pretty quickly. The poll closes at midnight tonight (BST) and if there’s anything you’d like tweaked in the poll system let me know in the comments.



  1. Aw, no Lollipop? I think that was what i voted for last week. :(

    …So i was probably the only one then. :D

  2. FINALLY! F:NV is on the list. I’ve must have suggested it every week since the birth of Weview or at least it feels like it.

    • I bet you cant wait to verbally tear it apart because of all the lag XD. It only got worse for me the more DLC packs were installed. :(

      • There is a reason why i call it Lagout:New crashes. I may just….*lags then crashes then reboots himself just to find out that his save is now corrupt*

        I won’t actually rip it a new one. As it is a decent game even if it does tend to lag and crash then laugh at you when you try to use a lot of explosives at once.

  3. Come onnnnn SpecOps :)

  4. Just a thought. Rather than having members put their verdict in a reply, make a poll box like the one above for it? Then those that want to write an accompaniment can and those that would just like to cast their vote can too.

    On topic, really surprising result. I’m not a big shooter fan but if MW3 is to be avoided, then so is pretty much every other FPS. A lot of nonsensical hatred surrounding the CoD series. I don’t understand it personally.

    • I don’t understand why the COD fanbase and the BF fanbase despise each other. I personally don’t like COD because it’s not something i would play but i do understand why it has a massive fanbase. I do prefer BF due to it’s gameplay but that is my opinion. I think you can’t even mention COD or BF on IGN or Youtube without it turning into a massive flame war. :-(

      • I don’t either. I play both and they’re both very solid shooters and perhaps more importantly, very different and not at all easy to compare. Just baffles me though there is that mindset of people deriving pleasure for downing things other people enjoy … which is just weird.

        On the other hand, if I had to vote for my favourite FPS this gen, it’d probably be between MoH or Singularity. There’s obviously awesome things like Fallout, Borderlands and Bioshock with the first-person viewpoints but I’m thinking about more typical shooters.

      • Simply put, when you belittle the competitor of your chosen brand, your brand becomes infinitely stronger – In your eyes at least.

        What i don’t understand is not why they do it, more why they feel the need to. They clearly aren’t trying to market their chosen game to others, so i can only assume it is for a sense of self-satisfaction & that they made the ‘right choice’. It’s a load of rubbish really.

        I own both BF3 & MW3 & whilst my chosen game is always going to be BF (& admittedly, i still haven’t even placed MW3 into the disc drive), i have no problem with what MW tries to (& usually does) accomplish.

        Those that have said it has gotten stale, my advice would be not to buy another one until some clear changes have been made & not get caught up in the yearly hype train. If your friends are buying it, then that is good for them & they clearly still see some merit – You do not have to. There are plenty other games you could play, or other things that you could do together.

      • I don’t count Fallout as a FPS as it’s an RPG with FPS elements. I understand why EA tend to belittle COD and inadvertly advertise it for Acti but why do other people feel the need to call someone a cigarette for liking a game that they hate? You have to be a massive prick to hate someone just for liking something. As i’ve said, i love BF and don’t like COD as COD doesn’t appeal to me personally, but i don’t go around calling people names for liking it. In fact, i actually loved the first 3 COD games. I did play MW1 and i know i risk getting murdered by saying this. Found it boring within 20 minutes but that is my opinion. The funny thing is, it’s only the FPS genre that tends to attract the hostile fanbases. As i struggle to think of a RPG that has a fanbase that insults the other fanbase for liking the rival RPG.

      • “I think you can’t even mention COD or BF on IGN or Youtube without it turning into a massive flame war. :-(”

        Oh..wow I so need to do this one day.

    • I may try it, but I suspect people would simply vote and not leave a comment.

      • True enough though the community is exceptionally strong here and the members are always pretty forthcoming with their feelings. Worth a try.

      • Try what Kris? *grabs a bucket of interested paint and paints himself interested.* I suspect it will result in a decline of comments but there will always be members who prefer to voice their feelings for a game then vote for Buy it, Rent it, bargin bin it, avoid it, RUN AWAY IF YOU EVER SEE it or Ragequit but is a very good game it.

  5. Thanks for the mention. Best to keep with an earlier Call Of Duty title or try another FPS in my opinion. Tough one to vote for this week :P

  6. I am a big fan of Battlefield. I’ve also played COD too. I’ve been known to slate COD massively in the past, but I have to say, this year, MW3 did what it’s designed for, compared to BF3 who tried to copy its competitors.

    I’ve surprised myself and actually enjoyed MW3 more than BF3, because it actually works and does what its designed for, quick, small environments. The same as always. I must say they need something fresh to it, because next gen I can see it not doing as well as it has.

  7. so….Avoid it?

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