Complete Set Of Sony’s Gamescom Trailers

Sony’s Gamescom conference has been and gone, but in the wake is a pile of videos the length of your arm. Or longer, if it’s a particularly short arm.

First up is the wonderful looking Puppeteer:


And then Media Molecule’s new IP, Tearaway:

The creepy multi-faceted Until Dawn:

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  1. I think Sony want all my money and they might just get it with all those games.

  2. Puppeteer looks like a film Tim Burton would do. Of all the videos, that one had me sitting up in my seat the most.

  3. Wasn’t impressed with how Black Ops looked at all!

  4. Where is the Rain trailer? :(

  5. The only game I was interested in there was The Last of Us, That may actually convince me to get a PS3 just for that game.

    • Steal Kris’, it’s not like he ever plays games on it.

      • I should I think I’m seeing him on Saturday so i may sneak it past him then.

  6. Loving the music on Last Of Us Trailer

  7. Puppeteer and Tearaway look fantastic. Well done Sony for a good Gamescom

  8. Aaaarg I’m never gonna had the time or money to get through some of these! Puppeteer and Tearaway looked especially fresh ideas. Kudos to Sony. If this lot had been at E3 they would’ve wiped the floor with the competition!

  9. All these trailers and games are amazing,i am not much of a call of duty fan but i am sure that the premise of having a call of duty multiplayer wherever you go is definately going to boost sales of the vita.puppeteer and tearaway look very interesting and its good to see new I.P’s .if they do until dawn corectly it looks like it will be an unbeliavably good game especially if they implement the move as a flashlight.littlebigplanet karting looks nice but i hope that it is not like modnation racers because that game really ruined karting for me with its load times.The last of us,killzone,all stars and god of war are gonna be first day purchases for me,they all look so awesome!

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