Image Suggests Sony Has Three New Characters Lined Up For Gamescom

Sony’s Gamescom press conference kicks off tonight, and whilst we’ve already listed pretty much everything we expect to see from the platform holder, what we didn’t pick up on is this image, found on their German Facebook page:


In amongst burly brawlers and Ellen Page The Last Of Us are three new characters: a green leafy chap, a little fire pixie and a crazy looking wooden thing with scissors. The latter is most likely from Wonderbook (suggesting another showing) but the other two?

Any ideas? Media Molecule are rumoured to be showing off their new game this week – could the little green fellow be related to the studio previously known for LittleBigPlanet?

And the red floaty girl with the scarf?

Hopefully we’ll know everything by tomorrow, but it’s odd that Sony would just throw these things into a composite before they’ve been officially announced. Follow everything Gamescom related right here on TheSixthAxis.

Via, GAF.



  1. What’s in yer bag Sony,
    Tell us what’s in yer bag,
    Ya #######!

  2. Hello Helghast.

  3. Unless Media Molecule are remaking Shoot Em Up Construction Kit for PS3 I aint interested.

  4. Also: Leak.. or just a way to build hype cos everyone will speculate.. like we are now?

  5. The biggest thing there for me is the Helghast.

    Killzone Vita? We can hope…

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