Diggs Nightcrawler Will Be Releasing In May

Sony has just announced that Diggs Nightcrawler, the Wonderbook title about a worm that happens to be a detective, will be releasing in May, though a solid date hasn’t been confirmed.

There’s also a gameplay trailer showing how players will interact with Diggs and Wonderbook, demonstrated by two children who are quite amused by the game. Well that’s how they act anyway.



Diggs Nightcrawler came 53rd in our Top 100 of 2013 list, and I’m still looking forward to it. It’s not every day you get to play a noir styled game.

Source: PlayStation Blog.



  1. Not trolling but was Wonderbook all that successful? I’m all for a bit of gaming variety but I figured this, along with the PS Move in general, never really got off the ground?

    • Hard to tell. It was regularly around the edge of the all formats top 20 leading up Christmas but it was a very competitive period.

  2. Now someone tell me about the Walking With Dinosaurs game.

    • And what Disney is working on

  3. is it wrong that i want to play this?

  4. nice to see them showing kids playing it and actually looking at the screen rather than pretending the images are actually coming out of the book in real life.

    that was something that bugged me about all the other Wonderbook trailers.

    anyway, looks like a fun title.

  5. It still looks great but sadly i think it’s going to be more for kids.

  6. This looks like the kind of game made not for kids, but for parents to play with their kids. Too bad I’m not a parent… Now where’s that nephew of mine?

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