TSA’s Top 100 of 2013: 55-51 FIFA 14, Dead Island Riptide & Diggs Nightcrawler

We’ve been blasting through the top games we’re looking forward to next year and this post rounds off the first half of that list. So to find out what didn’t quite make it into our Top 50 read on and learn about some more games that we’re expecting to arrive next year.

55. FIFA 14

55. FIFA 14


Last year FIFA 13 entered the list at quite the low point of 86, but the game must have done something right because it’s successor, FIFA 14, has rocketed up the list to 55.

So what do we actually know about FIFA 14? Not a lot, but we can speculate. It’ll be out at some point in September/October in 2013, following on from the series’ traditional release schedule. The current modes will probably all be included with additional features, and more leagues are likely to be added, such as the Blue Square Premier League, though that’s just a rumour. It’s also highly unlikely that EA will drop the Online Pass. Other than that we don’t know very much so far, so you’ll have to wait a bit if the thought of next year’s FIFA excites you.

54. Dead Island Riptide

54. Dead Island Riptide

Techland and Deep Silver are getting ready to take players back to zombie filled tropical islands with Dead Island: Riptide. Though the game is described as a spin off, it does continue on from the events of Dead Island, although it is set on a different island called Palanai. The characters from the first game will also be returning.

The game was revealed in September with a trailer that once again went for the emotional angle that made the original Dead Island trailer such a hit. The Riptide trailer focuses on a couple who have become shipwrecked on the infected island and shows their demise. What we’re not shown is any gameplay but it’ll likely be in the same style as the original Dead Island. The game will release on April 26 2013 in Europe.

53. Diggs Nightcrawler

53. Diggs Nightcrawler

Diggs Nightcrawler is a title I’m personally looking forward to, partly because I’m interested to see how Wonderbook evolves. The game was announced at Sony’s Gamescom conference, and is being developed by Moonbot Studios, whose real talent is in animation and visual effects. Their last major project, called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore, won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film so the studio has some real pedigree.

The story of Diggs Nightcrawler follows a detective who is framed for the murder of his friend who happens to be a high profile citizen of Library City, and it follows the style of a noir thriller. Of course it’s probably worth pointing out that the victim is Humpty Dumpty and Diggs is a worm, so it’s not exactly you’re typical noir story. According to Moonbot’s Adam Volker the game’s characters are “self-aware that they are in fact in a book.” The game will be out at some point in 2013.

52. Brothers In Arms Furious 4

52. Brothers In Arms Furious 4

Brothers In Arms Furious 4 was originally announced at E3 2011, and was supposed to be a less serious spin off to the core Brothers In Arms games, therefore not involving Staff Sgt Matt Baker and the 101st Airborne Division, who the other games in the series follow. Instead the story here was to focus on four characters from an unknown division who were on a mission to kill Hitler.

Since that original announcement Gearbox have announced that Furious 4 would no longer be part of the Brothers In Arms franchise, but instead would become a completely new IP for the developers. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford also revealed that the game had undergone a lot of changes since it was first shown, although he didn’t reveal what those changes are.

The biggest difference could be the story. Since Furious 4 is no longer attached to the Brothers In Arms series then Gearbox aren’t limited to World War 2. The four characters seem less likely to change though. They seem to be the core of the game so it’s worth giving them a quick look. We’ve seen the core for of Chok, a Native American who favours the hatchet; Crockett, who brands enemies with a cattle brand; Stitch, who has a custom taser to use against enemies; and Montana, who favours the machine gun. Whilst they do seem more fixed, Gearbox really could change anything before it potentially arrives in the coming year.

51. Plants vs Zombies 2

51. Plants vs Zombies 2

PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies game has been a massive hit for the developer. The great re-imagining of the classic tower defence games involving plants defending a house against zombies was met with critical and financial success. When it first launched on the iOS store the game netted $1m in 10 days. The game has released across pretty much every platform and has sold well.

All of this means it wasn’t a surprise that Plants vs Zombies 2 was announced in August of this year. The announcement didn’t go into too many details about what the sequel would include outside the usual teasing of new features, new situations and new settings. We’re not likely to see a large shift away from what made the first game successful  but we’re due to find out in early 2013.



  1. If they can just keep the whole of Riptide on the coast or in the resort, with no city, I’ll be intrested

  2. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Yess!! Love the original game, so even if they just add a few new plants and zombies, it’s a must-buy (well, if it’s on PS3 or Vita).

    I really enjoyed the first Dead Island, so I’m also looking forward to Riptide. The last chapter of DI felt like they ran out of development time, and I lost quite some hours of game progress due to a bug, but it was still a lot of fun.

  3. Furious 4 was one of my biggest disappointments from E3 last year, I’m still hoping they release another ‘true’ Brothers In Arms game.

  4. I’d forgotten about Plants vs Zombies 2, I feel hype building anew! I hope there’s cross-buy and cross-save between PS3 and Vita.

  5. FIFA and Diggs Nightcrawler.

    The first games on this list since No. 100 that I’m definitely going to buy.

    So far 2013 doesn’t look great. Then again, we’re coming up to the quality-laden section soon…

    • Same for me, except i won’t be getting no 100

  6. Diggs Nightcrawler looks amazing. Even though it’s for kids, Noir stuff has a strong allure to me…

  7. Stick me down for Diggs and also PvZ2. Cannot wait for either to be honest.

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