John Cleese To Narrate PS Vita Game

John Cleese, man of funny walks and massive divorce payments, is to lend his familiar vocal tones to upcoming PlayStation Vita title ‘Smart As…’


The game is described as “a social brain-training experience that will put your brain to the test in 20 unique, engaging, tactile puzzle games and location based challenges proving exactly how smart you really are.”

You will be able to challenge your PlayStation network friends to discover who is the smartest and also challenge your chums on Facebook.

Leaderboards will show the biggest brain-boxes for cities, countries and the entire world.

You will also be able to pick up new challenges using Near although I doubt any of them will involve dead parrots.

Source: PS Blog



  1. He used to do TomTom Sat-Nav voiceovers too, not my choice though I always preferred the relaxing default UK female voiceover. :P

  2. “Your Vita smells of Elderberries”
    Hahah, that made me laugh! :D

  3. This looks very good!!,I really like that they are incorporating all of the vita’s abilities into this.

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