MOH Warfighter Multiplayer Trailer

The new Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer trailer features fireteams and gameplay footage of what EA are calling “the most authentic military shooter of the year”.

The trailer shows your fireteam partner who serves as your closest mate on the battlefield, supplies you with ammo and serves as a spawn point.


Sadly, it doesn’t allow you to shoot Linkin Park.

Source: YouTube



  1. hmmm still not convinced by this. I hated the last one and can’t see much improvement so far apart from the buddy system. I’ll be waiting to see what the people think of this before possibly picking this up.

  2. “the most authentic military shooter of the year”.

    Possibly because CoD is set in the future this year perhaps?

    • if it were to say “realistic” then yeah

  3. Well going to buy this. It’ll keep me busy till DUST 514 drops. Will go back to BF3 when Aftermath comes out in December. Might get BO2 early next year.

    Too many games!! lol

  4. Aww damn that looks good. I’m gonna be so broke this Xmas…. again :(

  5. pr-ordered this from sainsbunnys the other day for 30 squids..
    sure does look pretty!

  6. Nothing wrong with Linkin Park.

    I do like how it give the impression Snipers are vulnerable.

  7. I loved the previous one, and I think this one looks like solid gold.
    Can’t wait.

  8. Loved the last 1, cant wait

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