Native YouTube App Coming to PS3

YouTube on the PlayStation 3 has been limited to the fairly dreadful XL version of their website through the PlayStation 3’s completely dreadful browser. It’s odd, given the ubiquity of YouTube on other modern platforms and the fact that the Vita has its own dedicated app now.

Well, no more. The PlayStation 3 is finally getting its own native YouTube application from Google and it looks quite gorgeous, if the screens on The Verge are anything to go by.


Perhaps the biggest news in the announcement of this app is the suggestion that it will have smartphone control capabilities. You’ll be able to use your smartphone (platform isn’t specified so we assume it’s Android, iOS and WinPhone 8 until told otherwise). So, that’s possible.

It launches today in North American PSN Stores and should seep out to the other stores soon.

Maybe you’d like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, in preparation for watching what we’ve got planned on your big TV through the PS3 App? We’ll love you forever if you do (or at least until tea time).



  1. Blimey, I feel like it should be 2007 or something. Good news I suppose, but wont ever use it myself.

  2. good news use it all the time for music & docs.

  3. Better late than never. I personally use that ps3youtube site that lets you watch vids in HD…or I use my PC…or my Vita.

  4. bout damn time.

    can we finally watch hd youtube videos on tv?

    oh and i’ve been subbed to the TSA channel for ages. ^_^

    i wonder how the smartphone control will work though.
    will you need a bluetooth enabled device?

    • probably over the same WiFi network like those mouse control apps you can get that let you move your cursor on the PC? Bluetooth seems the most sensible option but I’m not sure how much control that allows?
      Bit of a surprise launch so we don’t know many details and every PR dude we deal with is currently rushing around Germany ignoring their emails.

    • There is already a YouTube remote app made by Google which runs on android for PC. It works over Wifi so I assume they will probably just extend the functionality of that app for this as well.
      It works nicely on PC so I hope that is the case

    • It’ll have to work over Wifi for iPhone unless Apple have allowed devs to use the bluetooth in the iPhone?

  5. glad we are finally getting this, took it’s sweet ass time!

  6. It only took 5 years…

  7. Good to see this finally. I was even thinking last night how crap it is that I can’t use youtube properly on my ps3.

  8. Guess I’ll be no longer using anymore.

    • It’s almost sad really, almost.

    • Yeah, ‘Improvements’ to the ps3 browser seem to have scuppered one of ps3youtubes best features, streaming HD Gametrailers videos. Still handy if you want to download a video.

  9. Good news! Hope this is better than the shoddy xbox Youtube app.
    Definitely has to have an HD option.

  10. Not sure if this is coming to the UK/EU PlayStation Store yet as the official press release says “plan to bring the app to more countries in coming months.”

    • Its available in the US store to download now and isn’t region-locked like the iplayer.

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