PlayStation 3 Exclusive, Rain Unveiled At Gamescom

Japan Studio makes some weird games, huh? Rain has just been officially unveiled, although we took a guess that it would be when we noticed they’d trademarked it. Of course, we guessed that it might have something to do with that animated gif we saw just before E3 but that wasn’t on the mark.


It turns out that it’s a stylishly executed platformer with what looks like light puzzle elements. The twist? You can only see the figure of the boy protagonist when he’s in the rain – otherwise, he’s invisible. You’ll be able to see his soggy footprints for a while and he takes on a ghostly sheen when the rain is hitting him but aside from those times, he’s imperceivable.

Great to see big new IP still being announced for the PS3, isn’t it? Rain has a predictably kooky premise and some very atmospheric visuals from Japan Studio.



  1. I watched it and it looks great. The gameplay should have some impressive puzzles.

  2. really beautiful looking game!

  3. I love Japan Studio, they have some of the best and most original ideas in the industry.

  4. Siiiiick

  5. Rage refreshing. Long live ps3!

  6. Can’t wait to play this.

  7. Looks absolutely marvellous, I hope the ingame experience can preserve the mood they created with that trailer.

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