PS Move Title Until Dawn Announced

Until Dawn takes the over-saturated teen horror genre we’ve seen in many movies and twists it into a “gripping” narrative experience using PS Move. The horror traits are all there – a group of young people stay at a mysterious cabin and then become hunted by a mysterious force.


You’ll have to play as seven different characters to survive the long, dark night. Gameplay appears to be in first person, and the game will reflect your real life actions in the game with use of PS Move.

It seems very much like a generic horror, however, from the trailer. It’s being developed by Supermassive Games, who’ve had experience with Move before in the form of Tumble and Start the Party, although they also recently developed that awful Doctor Who game for PS3.

We’re a bit cautious of this one, but you never know, we could be surprised when the game releases next year.



  1. One of my personal highlights of the conference. I doubt there will actually be much substance but it’s great to see Sony continue to diversify its library.

    Hopefully the Move stuff will handle well. I have fond memories of Tumble.

    • Looked like great nonsense to me. Not a game to take seriously and probably every bit as cliched as the Hollywood Summer slasher flicks we know and love.

  2. I love Move stuff, but thought this looked a combination of awful & ok. hopefully it’s better than both those & turns into a must buy

  3. Yep, it really did pale in comparison to the other two announced games.

  4. this game might actually convince me to buy a Move controller…maybe…

    • To be fair, you can buy a basic set up for under £20. Probably just worth having to enhance your other games.

      • to be fair, I havent bought into it because theres nothing wrong with a good old controller. Motion sensor is overrated. Although for under £20 sounds enticing!

  5. I liked the look of it myself until yawn is a bit harsh.

  6. I thought it looked brilliant and if they offer more title’s like this i will buy PS move! As much as i hated wonderbook though i may have to buy it for the little man!

  7. Looks like my kind of game. I love bad horror films.

  8. Want!

  9. I thought it looked ok, seemed contrived to be generic so i hope they have a good twist lined up.

  10. The “Teens in a spooky cabin in the woods” may have been done to, ahem, death, in the movies but as far as I can remember it’s the first time it’s ever been used in a game.

    Looks loads of fun to me

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