Puppeteer Announced By Sony

Sony has announced another exclusive called Puppeteer, for the PS3. The game was introduced by Sony’s Gavin Moore of Sony’s Japan Studio, who said that the inspiration for the game came from “the need to reawaken son’s imagination.”


Puppeteer follows the story of a young boy who is kidnapped from his world, and transported to a magical theatre. He ends in the hands of an evil overlord, who he defies. The evil overlord turns the boy into a puppet and cuts off his head. However, this doesn’t kill the boy. Instead it releases a power where the puppet boy can take items and props and use them as heads, all of which give him different powers.

Puppeteer will also take place on one stage, with the scenery changing to reflect new scenes in the story. No release date has yet been given



  1. Looked awesome.

  2. The trailer for this looked like it would really freak kids out, with that guys voice ‘n’ all. I’m interested, though!

  3. Dynamite Headdy anyone? Haven’t seen footage of this yet, but if it reaches anywhere near the Treasure classic that was Headdy then it will be bloody awesome.

    • I was thinking kind of a cross between that & kid chameleon. Could be good!

  4. It looked like Little Big Planet if Tim Burton had his way with it.

  5. That looked wacky, creepy, intriguing and colourful but above all, it looked fun!!

  6. I’m loving the look of this. It’s such a cool art style.

  7. I hope the they actually use those transitions between stages/screens. Beautiful design.

  8. Love it!

  9. How I love 2D platformers! This one seems great :)

  10. Looks great. Will keep an eye out for it!

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