Vita Bundles Coming, CoD Black Ops Headlines The Line Up

Sony has seemingly listened to fans after the quiet show that Vita had at E3. They’ve kicked off their Gamescom show by openly stating a focus on the powerful little device and part of that focus is, rightly, on the tentpole releases of this autumn.

The Vita is getting bundle deals, similar to the previously announced Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation one. LittleBigPlanet will be thrown in with the console, which is good news for Sony’s iconic platformer but it’s not the biggest bundle news. That accolade falls to Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.

The Declassified bundle will include a custom rear touch panel, presumably replacing the masses of tiny PlayStation button symbols with something suitably shooty. It’ll also have a Call of Duty “pouch” which sounds like a soft slip case to me.

It’s great to see that Sony has really focussed on the Vita and working closely with hugely important third parties as the year turns towards that all important holiday sales period.



  1. A good start! What else do they have on offer?….

  2. All i need now is a god of war 4 or dark souls 2 before i buy a vita.

    I dont ask for much do i?

    • I think DS2 will procceed to strangle you everytime you boot it up on the Vita. ;)

  3. Not surprised by this as every console that COD is on will always get a bundle. Can see a lot of people buying the bundle but it is a bit crap compared to the other COD bundles.

  4. Cool for CodHeads….

  5. Hopefully this will get some Vitas off the store shelves.

  6. Cheaper memory cards are a must now though. I really need a 32 gig one as my 8 gig card doesn’t cut it. Ill be blown if im paying £70 for one though sony.

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