Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Gamescom Trailer

SEGA have issued a Gamescom-specific trailer for their upcoming kart racer, showing off some of the game’s airborne and water-based sections, along with some quick glances of some of the tracks.


It looks great, although the first game did too, and hopefully the gameplay will match up nicely.

The game is out this November.



  1. For the renegade master

    • D4 damager, power to the people??

  2. Got same issues with LBP Karting as I found with MNR, this looks fun & fast and should hopefully fill my karting desires later this year.

  3. I hope the Vita version is a proper console port, and not an inferior version.

    • I think this’ll suit the Vita really well.

  4. Day 1! I want it sooooo much. Far more than the other kart racers coming out!

  5. Will buy this for psvita and LBP:Karting for ps3 :).

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