Free App “CSR Racing” Makes $12 Million A Month

The drag racing game that Apple demonstrated at their last conference – CSR Racing – might well be free to download and play, but the sheer amount of IAP (in App purchases – additional payments the player can make) available means that the studio is turning over $12 million a month in revenue.


The game is essentially free, but you can pay real cash to get quicker delivery of your cars, increased boost and more. You can even buy IAPs to increase your in-game cash and gold reserves. It’s technically possible to do without, but you’ll need to grind a fair bit and progress will be slower.

“CSR is currently making $12 million a month in terms of revenues. So we think that’s quite high, and compares very favourably overall,” said NaturalMotion’s Torsten Reil.

“We’ve achieved that figure without user acquisition, so we’ve done it all through organic downloads, and we think that’s really really important because we think that the margin on these games are much much higher than they would be on games that rely on user acquisition to be pushed up the charts,” he added.

Some of the IAPs are fairly cheap minor payments, but some, like “Bank Vault” and “Gold Mine” (for cash and gold respectively) are a cent off $100. For the dedicated, and for those that want to be at the top of the leaderboards and winning all the races, those payments are sometimes too much to resist.

NaturalMotion have acquired Brighton based Boss Alien.




  1. “Apple demonstrated at their last conference” – might explain why it’s made money?

    • yeah, apps shown at the keynotes usually get a nice bump in popularity, I think. So the amounts might be higher than usual but the sheer popularity of IAP indicates how well it works.
      I generally hate them but I did spend £8 last night on money for my New Star Soccer game – to get my skills back up after my save was wiped when I upgraded to the iOS 6 beta. So… I’m the idiot I always criticise – in the right circumstances ;)

      • So that’s why Apple makes sure to update even the older models of their products to the newest firmware… :P

  2. Would this be the best example of Pay2Win? If so… bleurgh. However, as a business model, fair dinkum! :-)

  3. There is an interesting podcast called the Walled Garden Weekly that discussed the monetisation of CSR racing. Worth a listen if your into the workings of app development. Its co-hosted by the guy behind Zombie Gunship.

  4. I don’t mind paying a quid or two for IAPs but $100 no way!

  5. ruddy hell, that is crazy. Here is little me saying F2P will never work with micro transactions, and you go an post this.

    I’m still against f2p and all that, I don’t like it, but you can see why EA are looking at doing all their games as this. Thats crazy money.

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