Tearaway Is Not Media Molecule’s Only Game In Development

Whilst we excitedly await our hands on articles from our lone soldier out at Gamescom just now, news has started to trickle in from the various press sessions, with some positives (The Unfinished Swan is looking great) and some negatives (Activision’s rather cut short, one-way demos of Call of Duty Vita).

Speaking to Eurogamer, Media Molecule have claimed that the lovely looking Tearaway is not the only game they’re currently working on. The cardboard cut-out adventure for Vita might have shocked the crowd during Sony’s press conference (no leaks!) but there’s another game on the way, too.


“We’re working on a second project right now, and that’s very much in an R&D phase,” said the studio’s Mark Healy. “The focus is Tearaway, but Media Molecule is a lot more than 15 people,” added co-founder Alex Evans, who once said “TheSixthAxis” instead of “The Sixaxis” during an E3 press conference, making us all chuckle wildly.

“We call it in a holding pattern,” he added on the second secret project, “because the focus is on Tearaway. I’m not saying that from a press angle – our focus is on Tearaway and making it awesome. The other project is very much in an early stage and is a toy. You don’t need to worry about it.”




  1. Do we know if Tearaway will be a retail game or PSN only?

  2. They’re right. I’m currently age-gap dating and it’s the best tail I’ve ever had. Ha!

  3. So happy Media Molecule aren’t a one-trick pony with LBP. I know they did that Ragdoll Kung Fu or whatever it is but I never played it so can’t comment on it. Tearaway looks stunning and looks like it will play brilliantly too. Very much looking forward to this.

    • Wow, Ragdoll Kung Fu was made by MM? I thought that game was pretty crappy and I got it for free from a US PSN promotion…

  4. Why would Alex saying TSA correctly make you laugh? ;)

  5. Already i want that paper thingy person/guy in the brilliant looking ‘Tearaway’ game in the new up & coming PS3’s ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ Fighting game! :D He could wrap people in erm paper as a finishing move!!! LoL:D

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