Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Week 1

So this is it! The second season of TSAN TC has begun and this time we’re really pushing for you to watch the video coverage. For this season, YouTube personality and TSA resident Chuggy has agreed to provide the commentary and this has therefore required a lot more effort than the last season (DiRT Showdown).

There a few noted mistakes in the video but I implore you to watch it. As mentioned before, lots of effort is put into making it and we have endeavoured to keep it to roughly 20 minutes worth (like a real programme). Also, thanks must be stretched out to CarBoyCam who made our incredibly awesome championship table!

Without further ado then; enjoy!

This tournament is being run by community member DeathinFlamez. 



  1. Crap. I never gave you my times. I fail. I’ll DM you on Twitter DIF.

    • I figured them out myself matey :) I can do all of them because I record all the results. Just easier if you do them and send them asap! ^^

  2. Great vid, I wish I could film but I don’t have the option! Nice commentary too Chuggy.

    Looking forward to tomorrows clash, but not really expecting to do well. Some of you guys are VERY good at this game.

  3. Love the intro :) And great commentary overall! Very much looking forward to tomorrow. Been practising my racing line ;)

  4. Third from bottom ALL the way for me.

    • Your tenth out of sixteenth at the moment ;)

  5. Have no idea how I got 5th must have been close.

    It was a fun night with a lot of ups and downs, mostly for peoples connections though ;)

    Just wondered if we could see everyone’s times along with the results if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, as I would like to see the difference between me and 4th and 6th.

    • The issue is for a championship table that would be rather complicated! I can just as easily tell you here on in the forum :)

      Difference between 4th and 5th was 22 seconds. Between 5th and 6th was 4 seconds. Therefore overall was 26 seconds :)

      • Thanks, knew it was going to be close between me and Jay.

      • 4 seconds? Daaaaaaaayum, son :)

  6. Captain, bear in mind that what I wrote in the forum thread. If I don’t show you know why.

    • I’m aware of that buddy don’t worry ^^

  7. What time are we meeting tomorrow?

  8. i am 3rd! woo will try and do better in todays meet! =)
    awesome commentary chuggy and always nice orginasation Captain =D

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