New GTA V Screens Show Jets and Cycling

There’s not a lot to add to this. A post just went up on Rockstar’s site showing off modes of transport for GTA V. The images feature a cyclist, all wrapped up in lycra, as well as a car and a jet aeroplane. Oh.

We’re still itching to hear more information about the game but for now, these ninja image releases that Rockstar occasionally drops will have to do. I love this approach to drip-feeding exciting assets, not a PR rep in sight – yet.

Source: Rockstar



  1. lol misread the title and thought it was GT5 (gran turismo). I was like “wow”! Tour de France in GT5!

  2. More to come this week. That jet shot looks awfully PC-like to me, just looking at the motion blur, it looks too good for PS3/Xbox, but then it could be a render?

    • They’re probably all pulled out of the PC dev environments at this point. Nice though, huh?

      • Aye, was thinking the same. Straight from the PC. However, still full of promise for what we might get a taste of.

    • And this is why I’m starting to shy away from console gaming. We’ll see what next-gen brings in terms of shiney.

  3. Woohoo! Bikes and jets ftw!

  4. I do love breaking into Military Bases on my pushbike to steal Jets ;)

    • It was all about the Sanchez for me!

      • I think that the Sanchez has appeared in all open world GTA’s, so it’s bound to pop up in V ;)

      • I hope so. It’s the perfect transport for a criminal, good for jumping and ideal for any terrain!

    • Not wearing budgie smugglers though!!

    • No no no! You land the jet on the road next to a bike shed, climb down and saddle up to then pedal off into the sunset.

  5. YEEEEEEHAAAAW!!! The waiting is getting harder!!

  6. Looks awesome, I just wish they’d hurry up and give us a release date!

  7. Just hope they remember to code in the fun this time. I messed around in IV quite a bit but it wasn’t a patch on III & VC.

    • Too true – You could still mess about in IV of course, but as you say, it just wasn’t fun for some reason.

      • Saints Row The Third absolutely pisses on GTA IV for fun. It’s glitchy but in that endearing way like Skyrim.

      • Really? Oh, i didn’t really have any glitches with it at all from what i remember. Just lucky then i guess.

        You are right though – SR3 gave me everything that GTA failed to deliver in terms of fun.

    • Maybe they’ll release it as DLC. “Get the DLC Fun Pack for an easy payment of just $14.99.” :)

      • That sounds decidedly ‘EA’ to me! ;)

    • Yeah, me to. I miss the crazy cheats.

  8. Dat ass

  9. Too late GTA. Sleeping Dogs has beaten you in every possible way.

    • if your not keen on GTA that is ok surely your not that naive to believe that, sleeping dogs is a very long way from being GTA standards.

      • Perhaps in terms of scale but Sleeping Dogs has proven that you can have an openworld game with enjoyable vehicle and combat controls, something that I’ve always found very lacking in GTA games.

      • in terms of everything the amount of work & detail they put in to there games is unmatched in sandbox games.

      • If they can put a game together that is actually fun this time and features solid shooting/driving controls then GTA5 has the potential to be cracking but I personally cannot see it happening.

  10. the guy from the trailer is flying the jet game looks tasty.

    • You might want to re-phrase that Skib :O

    • I don’t understand lol

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