Okami HD Looking Glorious In 5-Minute Gameplay Clip

Leading out of Gamescom 2012, Capcom has launched a brief gameplay video for upcoming PlayStation Network release, Okami HD.


As with HD revamps in the past, Okami comes tagged with 1080p visuals and its own list obtainable in-game trophies. The game is due to launch in Japan this November with a Western release expected before the end of the year. This latest version of the PlayStation 2 classic will also feature PlayStation Move support.



  1. OMG, I love this game. I hope this gets more people to get it, I found it a joy to play, loved every mintue.

  2. I bought the original on day 1 but I’ve yet to even put it on.

  3. Bought the PS2 version ages ago but got stuck at some point and when I returned to the game I forgot what I was supposed to do. I’ll pick this up so I can finally play it through.

  4. Looks amazing as always. Wonder how many narrow-minded idiots don’t buy it this time…

  5. I can’t WAIT for this game. I’m a major Okami fan. I started playing it through again on the PS2, and then this was announced, so i put it to the side. I’d much rather play it again in full HD :D

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