Wonderbook Weekend Event and Pricing Revealed

Wonderbook has the potential to be quite big this Christmas. Despite being the cause of some disgruntlement after a flat section during Sony’s E3 press conference, there’s clearly bags of potential. The J. K. Rowling partnership will be popular and the BBC’s interactive dinosaurs should make for an interesting experience while a younger audience waits to see what Disney does with the platform.

This holiday weekend (25th, 26th & 27th), HMV in Oxford Street – down in That London, is giving up part of its ground floor for a demonstration of Wonderbook. They’ll have Book of Spells there for people to play at wizarding and HMV has teamed up to offer pre-order discounts for anyone who puts in an order for either the Wonderbook Book of Spells pack or the bundle with Move and the PlayStation Eye camera.


There’s £3 off the regular price of £30.99 for the Book of Spells pack and £5 off the regular price of £70.99 for the full bundle. That makes the solus pack £27.99 and the bundle £65.99 if you pre-order in Oxford Street this weekend.

Source: Press release.



  1. Is there just one Wonderbook peripheral that works differently with each bit of software, or does each game have its own Wonderbook?

    • It’s one Wonderbook full of AR codes, as far as I know. Then they sell software that uses the Eye to read those codes differently and interprets the Move wand input.

  2. So Wonderbook with Book Of Spells is just £31

    • That makes the Move+Camera at £40 extra seem dear to what is out there

    • Was just thinking that. I have the Eye, Move and just need the book. Once Dinosaurs is out, I’m practically sold! :-)

    • and once people have that Wonderbook, new software (solus) might be even more competitively priced.

      • I can see each Wonderbook game requiring a different book, with elaborate covers and differing numbers of pages. Or have I missed something?

      • Just watched the engadget E3 video for the wonderbook and the Sony engineer says
        “one book, a thousand stories. we can create virtually any story”.
        So you should only need one.

      • Yep… Although I’d have thought Disney would want to bring their own branded Wonderbook

  3. Sensible pricing. You never know this may be the first ever peripheral-based Sony exclusive that ends in success :)

  4. Ok, so if I can get a move cheap somewhere, I’m probably getting Diggs on day one.

    • Sainsbury’s had the Move wand in store for £10 a few weeks ago. Not sure if that’s still the case (or if you need the camera, too)

      • Really? At that price i probably would have just picked one up for the sake of it! :)

      • Got the camera years ago, barely used it! I’ll keep looking for deals, our Sainsburys doesn’t have a games section…

    • Yeah, there’s very cheap deals around… Keep an eye on the deals websites like Postabargain etc

  5. The wonderbook looks good and the price is reasonable but not something I want.

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