Here’s The Next 3 GTA V Images

Okay, I’m a little bit bored with this now. Hopefully there’ll be something more substantial to talk about from Rockstar and GTA V soon. For now, though, it’s another three images. This time, they depict leisure activities in the world.

There’s tennis, dirt biking and parachuting. Those all seem like potentially playable activities in a GTA game and the images, presumably pulled from a dev PC, look suitably gorgeous.

Source: Rockstar



  1. Yep.

  2. This is a little tiresome. These are so clearly not representative of final in-game graphics that they might as well just be releasing one paragraph statements that say “here are three things that are in the game”.

    The art of hype has gone way too far

    • I agree with you, as much as people are excited about the game, a daily update of screens that will look nothing like the console final product is a bit OTT in my opinion.

      The parachuting one looks fantastic though, but again, too much of hype for this.

      The last one looked good but lacked quality gameplay, thats what they need more of, not good looking shots. Lets see some gameplay.

      • Yes and no… I bet on a descent PC, those’ll be close to the final thing. Of course these are pre-renders, but given the level of detail, it’ll still look good on a lower res.

        Can’t wait for it to land on my PC.

  3. HYPEDD!!11!

  4. Hopefully soon we’ll get some gameplay!

  5. Hopefully showing off that they haven’t forgotten the fun stuff that makes the likes of SR & Just Cause 2 fun to play.

    The PC version they’re showing looks pretty, not Watch Dogs pretty but pretty for a non-modded GTA game, hopefully console version looks good too and that R* don’t leave behind the PS3 version like they did with GTAIV & RDR.

    • Considering the improvements made in LA Noire, I should hope R*North have taken all of that in. Besides, for all we know, these could be touched up renders from a PS3 dev kit! I certainly believe the first shots were, considering the LOD and resolution.

  6. I’m bored with this as well. 3 shots of a game don’t exactly build hype for me. They need to get something more substantial out there to tease people.

  7. This is the way Rockstar do things.

    People should just chill, we know its coming, we know its going to be awesome so lets just be grateful that in an industry full of dissapointments and overhyped trash, we still have one of the true juggernauts doing what they do best.

    • Nicely Said.

      Im quite happy getting these little screenshots especially as they are very varied from a flying jet to a tennis court so im happy! Plus i really believe a release date will be announced in a couple of weeks!

  8. so cousins phoning up to play tennis now? O_O

    mind you, i like tennis. ^_^

    • (lightbulb moment) Mini games, incl tennis, incorporated into mp would be awsome. (& when your down 2sets, just pull out mini-uzi, joking. Weapon prohibited games naturally.)

      • Yeah, that could work – What i don’t want though, is someone ringing you up in the middle of a bloody mission, asking you to do something trivial (lets say tennis just for an example) & then getting annoyed that you have something slightly more important to do!

        Sorry, but if i am escorting a truckload of gangbangers across town, the last thing on my mind is going to play a few sets of tennis!

      • Agreed. An option similar to IV sp sleep mode, would do the trick.
        I cant remember if IV, already has the option to turn off mp invites.

      • i dunno, tennis: to the death sounds pretty awesome actually.


  9. Nice… Especially like the look of the landscape in sky dive shot, but are these(prev) game screens or artwork? Regardless, i have the feeling we are on the verge, of something quite special. You can see they will be injecting fun back in, not as far as SR thankfully, or it wouldn’t be GTA, but the flavour of past installments making a return. Add to that, surely a stunning landscape to play in.

  10. Don’t be silly I’d prefer 3 images like these than 3 trailers that show off basically the same, like GT5 did.

    • I’d love to gone into the game trailer spoils free.
      Unfortunately I can’t resist watching them.

      • I know, it’s a disease. Thankfully though in the case of GTA IV, I got a surprise 5 mins in.

      • gone? err go.

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