Inside Assassin’s Creed III Offers A Couple of Insights (Video)

Ubisoft is ramping up the hype for Assassin’s Creed III and that means a new mini-series of video features. The first one, below, looks at what went in to recreating the world and making sure the historical accuracy was present. There will be three more, each exploring a different aspect of the game’s development.

There isn’t much new information in this video but we do hear that the game is over 30 hours long and features around 2.5 hours of cinematics.

Source: YouTube



  1. not played the previous games and never really been interested, but watching that makes me want to buy the game.

    • You should at least play AC2. Cracking game.

      You could stand to skip Brotherhood & Revelations though i guess if you didn’t feel like playing all three. They are very similar bar a few gameplay tweaks & a multiplayer mode that i don’t really ‘get’!

  2. AC3 will be a masterpiece, that’s for sure. I can’t wait!

  3. I happen to have booked the week off when this comes out ;-)

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