Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Week 2

After a cracking event opener in Downtown the TSA Motorstorm fun heads to the Mainline for our second week action! Once again, Chuggy is providing the popular commentary on a much crisper and cleaner video for you to enjoy.  As mentioned before, lots of effort is put into making it AND we have endeavoured to keep it to roughly 20 minutes worth (like a real programme) so cheers for all the support lot are giving this project!

This competition has been organised by TSA member DeathinFlamez



  1. GO CHUGGY!!!

  2. Great video. :)
    I see everyone in the top six finished exactly where they did last week, hopefully this changes tonight and leads to a good game.
    I shall begin training for tonight in a bit.

  3. You would happen to showcase my loudest moments :P

    All I’ve ever wanted is to be a motorcycle…

  4. Deathinflamez should do commentary for F1! Great vid.

    • Doh! I meant Chuggy. Pepsi max does funny things to me…

      • No love for me though? :(

        I tell you what though if you do like Chuggy’s commentary and my commentary and commentary from a bloke called Liam Jenkins then you will LOVE what we have in store for you when the next TSA F1 Championship is announced ;)

    • DiF is not commentating in this vid, it’s an awesome guy known as Chuggy =D

  5. I’ll probably do better by missing the meet this week!

    Awesome vid, and nice commentary Chuggy!

  6. I’ve got this tournament in the bag ;)

    • u sure have!
      ur lead is enormous!! ;)

  7. Nice video! Shame about my DSQ in the first race, will not be on the phone this time round.
    Tomjakes just got me at the end in the video on the last race :P was funny to watch.

  8. how do you even get disqualified from a Motorstorm race?
    illegal fuel additives? o_O

    best video yet.
    the tight tracks made for some very exciting races.

    the commentary makes the video much more enjoyable then it would be just watching the racing on it’s own, though this weeks races were great.
    great work Chuggy.

    • I was inactive for 30 seconds which means a DSQ apparently.

    • I did the editing ;3

  9. Nice vid and once again nice commentary from chuggy :)

  10. Awesome video and commentary :)

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