Next Skyrim DLC Announced, Dated and Named Hearthfire

Bethesda has just sent through a press release to announce the next round of Skyrim DLC. It’s called Hearthfire and it’ll be available on the Xbox 360 on September 6th. It’s going to cost 400MSP and will allow you to build your own house and adopt children.

There’s no word of a PC release date and the PS3 version is also absent, which is to be expected, considering those users are still awaiting news on the first DLC pack, Dawnguard arriving on their console.

Source: Press release



  1. If Bethesda can’t get Dawnguard to work on the PS3 how are they going to get this to work? I can see it now, don’t mix this roof with that wall or your PS3 will crash. Planting that herb in this flower pot, not unless you want your PS3 to crash, and before you start building delete your previous game data and redownload the previous 6 patches and start a new save file in the 3rd save slot during a blood moon or your PS3 will crash. Love the game and I have alot of respect for Bethesda, but how dare they announce another 360 expansion before they announce something for the PS3. The game is almost a year old and expansions are becoming less important to me because of this. If they would have started releasing dlc for the PS3 in march I would have bought everything and anything, but now I’m just going to sell Skyrim and buy the GotY edition used whenever it comes out.

  2. Glad I never gave them any of my money.

  3. I have lost so much intrest in this dlc!they won’t be getting my money,even though i love skyrim.

  4. Dragonborn running a orphanage…. eh, what retiring now?

  5. Quite like the look of this DLC, even though it’s mostly trivial and doesn’t appear to affect the game in any way. But come on Bethesda, Xbox gets 2 DLC packs before PS3 even gets one is just ridiculous, with or without any special agreements. I wanna play Dawnguard!!

  6. Turned on Skyrim the other day for the first time this year (nearly 9 months ago)….. 5 mins later it crashed. Not sure there has ever been anything that has put me off playing a game again.

    Even when PS3 does get Dawnguard i doubt i will get it now, as for this…. lets just say there better be some serious changes to the stability of Skyrim to make me part with any more of my time or money.

    • ps I alwys del prev game data when a new patch arrives.
      This may rectify, or at least reduce issues.

    • ps I always del prev game data when a new patch arrives.
      This may rectify, or at least reduce issues.

  7. Is this skyrim with The Sims dlc or the other way around?

  8. Wow, that looks really boring. Not the kind of DLC I’d expect from Skyrim. Looks like something they put aside during game development because it wasn’t necessary and they wanted to iron out some bugs first (ha!). Seems more like content you could expect from a bigger patch than DLC.

  9. Sigh.

    I’m going to have to buy the PC version if I want to play the DLC, aren’t I?

  10. Think i’ll pass on this one. I’m in a safehouse for a few min stocking up on supplies, then I hit the road. As for adopting, seriously lol. There’ll be a few strange people that get a peverse kick out of it now doubt.

    • re adopting. I meant it opens the doors to people with peverse personalities. Not saying everyone who buys it lol.
      Thought I best emphasise that:)

      As I never use fast travel, if you can build a house in locations not never a safehouse, i may consider it. Dawnguard is still what i’m most anticipating. Want to play my save, with that extra dynamic in world asap.

      • (not *near a safehouse.)

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