Five New Multiplayer Maps Concludes MW3’s Avalanche Of Downloadable Content

Content Collection 4 is little more than a week away, marking the final post-launch expansion for insanely popular online shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Releasing on September 6th, the latest content drop ushers in five new multiplayer including Off Shore, Gulch, Decomission, Parish, and Boardwalk, two of which were previously available to CoD Elite subscribers.


As always, 360 users are escorted to the front of the queue with PlayStation 3/PC fans forced to wait out a month until they can claim their share. Then again, CoD players are willing to sit out just a little longer, they can simply wait for Black Ops 2 to deploy in November.



  1. I have a PS3 but i think this is a bad move as it is mentioned in the post. If the Collection 4 arrives in late October for PC/PS3, many people won’t buy it because of BOps 2.

    • Going by the xbox release date, PS3 should get it the 1st week of October.

  2. Had 2 off these maps for two weeks and not once have I seen them in any playlists but I was playing this afternoon and terminal was on at least four times in an hour
    Any way I’m bored with mw3 think I’m gonna rent blops 2 first see what the multiplayer is like before I buy

    • have to agree with you doug..m/player is getting tedious now.
      the last content drop was a piss take all spec ops and face off plus a new mode?
      and if i have to play on terminal one more time ima lob the fekin’ disc out the window!

      • thank god its not just me. Terminal can do one. Liked it in MW2 but hate it in MW3. I was never a massive fan of it to begin with but now it turns up every other map!

        I’ve said this on another COD thread, but I will not invest in elite anymore.

        As a ps3 user, getting maps a month or more after regular Xbox users get the chance to purchase them is a piss take. The majority of the stats available online are available in the game, without Elite. Clan organisation is bollocks and the whole thing is just one big disappointment.

        Roll on Black Ops 2 (average joe version for me!)

      • Unfortunately this is down to the kids – same as always getting Nuke Town in Blops. It gets boring quick, and then everyone always skipped Underpass on MW2 which was my favourite level. I think they should scrap the voting and rotate through all maps in a shuffled order.

        I have little time for MW3 these days anyway since the challenge and reward of earning a Killstreak has been taken away – everything is shot down within seconds. So there’s no reward for getting a 15 killstreak – why? Then there’s the awful lag (despite having a steady 8Mb connection) where I start shooting someone in the back (or so it appears) then before I can put them down they’ve realised, turned around and killed me. And I’m far from a crap shot. Same as being killed by people coming around a corner that I can’t even see yet. Sick of being killed by people wandering around with Sniper Rifles, and due to the layout and sizes of the maps SMG’s are overpowered and Assault Rifles are useless against them. After being a huge MW fan I’m just sick of it now.

        Spec Ops is the silver lining though – have enjoyed all of these (since I play them co-op) and some have been a real challenge – if you aim to get all the trophies, since they have some additional challenges as well as completing the Ops on Veteran.

      • I’ve really enjoyed MW3 up until now. Every game is becoming frustrating now. Can’t wait for new Fifa, MOH and Blops.

        It was my aim to reach 10th prestige before Blops 2 but (at prestige 7 Lvl 50 odd) I don’t think I am going to make it.

      • I don’t blame you mate – as soon as the levels went to 15 I’ve only done one Prestige. It’s not “prestigious” anyway as anyone can get to those levels with a fair amount of time. I’ve not regretted it either, now I’ve always got the equipment I want and instead I focus on completing challenges and unlocking all Pro Perks and weapon attachments etc.

  3. Silly marketing that. Why buy new maps when I can get a new game with plenty more maps?
    I suppose it depends on the price, 5 maps for £10 isn’t too bad really compared with £40 for 8-10. But then BLOPS 2 is going to be much better I think.

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