Hirai Comments On Vita Sales – Says “Maybe Trending Behind In Certain Territories”

In a brief one-to-one with financial site Reuters, Sony’s Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai has commented on the relatively lacklustre sales of the PlayStation Vita since its launch late last year.

“Worldwide,” he said, “the Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, maybe trending behind in certain territories.” 


Although the comment is clearly aimed at shareholders rather than the public at large, it’s surprising that he’s saying the figures are in line with expectations when the company recently reduced those targets due to slowing sales.

The snippet comes from European consumer trade show IFA, held in Berlin.



  1. I don’t think COD will make a difference tbh if uncharted didn’t cod wont, yes I know cod has a bigger fan base but so does uncharted a lot of people with xbox who always wanted play uncharted could have bought the vita but the price is steep.

    Drop the price draw in money

    • Agree and it looks shit compared to killzone vita. I think sony has footed the bill for development for this cod considering its coming from the same studio as resitance burning skys. I cant see activision having much to do with this cod apart from letting them use the name and taking the profit.

      • Exactly!!!! Can’t expand more on that. We just need BFBC on vita not cod.

      • That would be awesome… I wonder why EA hasn’t jumped on a Vita BF, yet. Surely they want to compete with the CoD franchise on every platform. :)

    • Actually Uncharted did really well and probably sold a lot of Vita’s unfortunately it is and maybe still is the only BIG game on it.

      Uncharted : GA has sold nearly 700k copies with an estimated Vita install base of less than 2.7m now I’d call that a success. Super high attach rate.

      As for all the other games however … :(

      As for COD – it’s shit fullstop and it’s from the guys who did Resistance – AC3: Liberation however looks brilliant.

      Also is it me or is COD Vita not really Activision? Sony seems to have paid for the name and got there crappy studio to develop it. Activision has no mention of the game on there COD site or anywhere else. Zero marketing FTL.

  2. I dont think fps’s are well suited to vita. What the vita needs is games like bastian, fez, touchlight, diablo 3, shadow complex, limbo, briad, even infinity blade. Top down rpg’s that will keep you hooked.

    • I’d love to see all those ported when the PS Suite comes along! I think that’s where it has an advantage over Android; no piracy and nowhere near as many devices to account for. Hopefully that will convince Epic to bring their Infinity blade series to the platform, or even just the Vita itself.

      • I wish epic would but I think they are exclusively for ios ( I could be wrong ). I’d love to see diablo 3 on it or something like it. What happened to that game ruin they showed at E3 2011 for vita? Now that could be a system seller.

      • Epic aren’t exclusive to iOS as far as I’m aware, they just avoid Android because of piracy and stuff like that. Haven’t heard anything of Ruin since E3, so I assume it’s midway through development, hopefully more info to come at TGS?

      • Sorry i ment infinity blade is exclusively for ios. i know epic do gears and other stuff.

      • You might be right, I don’t know. I just heard they didn’t like Android because of the piracy and the amount of devices, which PS Suite will fix.

      • GOOD NEWS! According to the PS Blog EU Twitter, Ruin, known now as Warriors lair, is coming in September this year!

      • oh wkd thanks for letting me know. This might convince me to buy a vita. why isn’t sony showing any gameplay vids?

      • Think there may have been a video of some sort uploaded around the time of E3, but I can’t remember for definite. They’re practically as bad as Konami for publicising their Vita games…

      • yeah terrible marketing from sony again. oh by the way did your uncharted 3 arrive yet? you can add me to your ps3 friends list if you want. Nickboss1.

      • Nah not yet :( I’ll add you when it comes though; r3wind96

  3. I personally think the vita will make it is starting to have a lot going for it imo well worth owning one.

  4. Apart from Uncharted, which was medicore, there’s no decent games for the Vita.

    • medicore think you would be one of few who would think that.

      • I agree with Skiba, the only thing that was annoying about UCGA was the aiming but after first chapter u get used to it oh & the black market was a fail & prevented me from my plat. But apart from that UC was the best & still is vita second best game

    • Opinion. The Vita game sales lead to an overflow of games for me and there are some very good games in the lit. Lumines, Rayman Origins, Wipeout 2048, Everybody’s Golf, Virtual Tennis 4 and Gravity Rush are all brilliant games. Then there are the “decent” games like Modnation Racers, Unit 13, etc.
      Do you even own a Vita?

  5. Well done for pointing out the obvious Kaz, we all know it’s flopping, we just want to know what you’re doing about it.

  6. Personally I don’t think enough people have a vita to justify buying a game that is MP focused like CoD. The major flaw of the vita is 3G, if you need to be in a wi-fi hot spot to play MP, chances are you’re at home sitting next to your PS3/360 and TV. Because of wi-fi only MP gaming, the whole play CoD anywhere is just a myth. Sony should have used 4G and then maybe the FPS craze could have shifted to the vita. Games like AC IIIL have a better chance at increasing vita sales then any FPS because they won’t be limited by wi-fi hot spots.
    Also,the entry price is too much just to buy a vita to play one game exclusively like most CoD players do. I’m sure most CoD players already view the vita CoD as inferior to it’s console counterpart and aren’t interested in it. I think the only people truly interested in CoD declassified are current vita owners who are desperate for a new game and some reassurance that their vita purchase wasn’t a bad idea.

    • You made some good points.

    • 3G ain;t good enough for Online MP and 4G is not widely available in most countries.

      Hell here in the UK we don;t even have 4G until late this year/early 2013 lol.

      • I know 3G isn’t good enough for online gaming. It’s too bad you don’t have 4G yet, but I do. One region shouldn’t be limited by another. Having to be in a wi-fi hot spot to play online is a huge inconvenience when you’re on the move. It removes the meaning of the word “portable” from “portable gaming”.


    i know…….i’ll get my coat.

    • I don’t know why but I find your comment hilarious. Still laughing.

  8. Very odd comments especially with the change in forecast. Delusional bugger. The Vita is struggling and needs a massive push. Sadly, a lot of that is to do with the expensive hardware, I feel.

    • Not really that expensive in terms of the hardware (it’s similar price as 3DS XL which the Vita tech wise pisses all over).

      No the problem is high memory card prices and the fact that none comes as standard. 4gb should have been standard in all Vit’as imo.

      High price of games doesn’t help either (but 3DS ain’t any different there).
      PSN games are cheap however.

      But the biggest problem is lack of MUST have games – they are either ports (terrible to good) or just badly made games (Resistance). Apart from Uncharted and gravity Rush which both again aren’t MUST have games like Uncharted 2 is.
      AC3 : Liberation however may buck the trend as it links with the main game unlocking features and people heavily into AC games WILL buy a Vita to play it. Maybe even a ps3 as well for the 1 hour exclusive content and Vita unlocks.

      • Realised when I clicked “post” that I’d not mentioned the games themselves. The PSP was a profitable venture but I just wish Sony would realise the world around them (and also how iDevices have impacted the mobile gaming market) and adapt accordingly.

      • Normal people don’t care about the specifics of their technology, they only focus on 2 things- price, and what the device does. The standard consumer will look at a 3DS and a vita and say to themselves, “they both play games, but the 3DS is alot cheaper”. If the hardware wasn’t overpriced the vita would be selling alot more units, it’s the cold hard truth. It doesn’t matter if you can justify the price using “tech talk”, if the consumer doesn’t see the value, its overpriced. Maybe Sony needs to demonstrate the tech better or convince the general public there’s long term value. But when you compare the vita to the 3DS it’s overpriced, and if you compare it to an i-phone it’s boring and limited. High price memory cards is only part of the problem, the real problem is the lack of innovation from Sony. If the vita did something new people would pay any price, but it doesn’t, It’s just walks the lonely line between handheld and tablet. It’s the middle child of portable tech.

  9. You don’t say. It’s not like there is a lack of marketing in certain places as well as it being a bit overpriced. Oh wait… They really do need to up the marketing budget for it as it seems they can’t afford to or just cba to market it as i’ve only seen two ads for it since release. It’s no surprised that it’s struggling as chances are not many people know it is out. I know COD will help the Vita to sell but they should really shove it down our throats untill we get fed up and buy it just to shut them up. Just shove a lot of decent exclusives out on the Vita and chances are sales will go up. At the moment i have no incentive to buy a Vita as nothing really interests me. Where are the RPGs? As i’m struggling to think of one RPG that is currently out on the Vita. Also, if possible try to get some classic PC games ported over. Such as Fallout, KOTR etc.. as i would actually end up buying a vita just to be able to play Fallout or KOTR on the bus home or on a long journey.

    That said, at least they haven’t forgotten about the Vita like they did with the Move(seriously, how does a company forget about something that they released for 2 years?)

  10. The Vita sadly is in trouble but with some right moves from Sony mobile, more ‘must have’ games and yes a price cut I hold out hope. As an owner I’ve got enough content to keep me going for months but it is odd not feeling pressure to nail the titles I have already.

    I guess by the end of the year there will be three must buy games, but is that really enough… I think not.

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