Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Week 3

It’s that time of week once again where TSAN TC returns to fill in your urge for game-racing action! This week, Chuggy was unavailable to provide the commentary so (for better or worse) we’ve called in the Captain himself to guide you through the action.  As mentioned before, lots of effort is put into making it AND we have endeavoured to keep it to roughly 20 minutes worth (like a real programme) so cheers for all the support you lot are giving this project!

This festival has been organised by community member DeathinFlamez.



  1. Magnificent job Captain, especially on the third race :) You and Chuggy should team up, I’d predict much banter.

    Surprised to see I’m still in 6th even after missing this week. Looking forward to tonight!

    • Oh your going to look forward to when the TSA F1 Championship returns then ;)

  2. I wish I would have taken another vehicle :(

  3. You know they announced Final Fantasy Lightning Returns (FFXIII-3) Saturday right? I know this is irrelevant to this post, but I’m surprised you guys haven’t covered an article on it yet.

  4. Won’t be there tonight I don’t think. Sorry. Loving the tournament though.

  5. i hate that disconnection! would have won it otherwise…
    but oh well, need to keep up with the racing cars and bikes on todays meet! gonna be tough!! =D

  6. Unlucky there in those races MJB and Kegs and once again nice vid and top notch commentary.

  7. loving the vids, very exciting, great from both racers and commentator.

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