Durrig Blackbeard Available In Today’s WOH Update

Wrath of Heroes is due for its second Dwarven character with the release of today’s update. Featured during the closed beta, Durrig is a fairly hassle-free ranged attacker who can summon an auto-turret to fell incoming enemies. His use of artillery weapons and ability to deal double damage at close range also give him a slight degree of versatility.

As with previous heroes, during his first week of availability Durrig can only be purchased using Gems (real-world money) before going on sale for 30,000 Gold in next week’s update.


We don’t have any specifics though it has already been confirmed that our next hero will also be a Dwarf, leading us to believe that either Gromki or Thagison (who both appeared during earlier stages of the beta) will appear over the next fortnight.

Source: Wrath of Heroes Herald