Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Sniper Trailer

I think my jet lag is kicking in as I really can’t get all that excited about yet another trailer but lo and behold, here is a trailer for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter so why not go watch it?


In the meantime I shall amuse myself by creating a small but partly relevant ‘choose your own adventure’ story.

Intro: It is dark, pitch black, and you are alone, terrified, hiding a ruined building in a distant dusty land. To the left and to the right of you are doors leading out into the countryside. If you wish to chose the left door, go to [1], the right door – go to [2], if you wish to wait until morning, choose [3].

[1] You creep slowly towards the door and peer out and in the gloom you spy a motorcycle. Not a sound can be heard so you slowly open the door and move out. On the fourth step a land-mine explodes, blowing your legs off and you are dead.

[2] You creep slowly towards the door and peer out and in the gloom and you notice a branch of Hooters. Hardly believing your luck you step out and are instantly killed when a sniper fires a bullet through your head.

[3] You congratulate yourself for being sensible and waiting until dawn and settle down to sleep. Unfortunately you never wake up as a team of Ninja Smurfs drop cyanide in your mouth as you snooze and you die.

[4] This is not an option.

[5] Neither is this.

[6] Cheat Mode Activated: You instantly teleport to Hooters and spend an evening with a lady with massive bazookas.

Source: YouTube



  1. Get ready for the most disappointing game of 2012!
    Nice story though, I’d buy that book.

  2. If the multiplayer is as unbalanced and broken as that seen in MOH(2010) I doubt I will play it for long. Will probably just rent it and play through the single player to look at the pretty graphics and chalk up a couple of hundred points of gamerscore.

    • I said I would wait to see real opinions of it this time round, because the last one was shockingly bad IMO. SP was ok but nothing special either.

      • Yup. I think I put about 10 hours total into that game, which is unfortunate as my Wife got it for me for Xmas as a surprise. 7 hours online (a few of my mates got it too) and I could only stomach about 3 in the SP. Poor game overall. Still, replaying Frontline was great :D

  3. No fooling for the pre order (bf4 beta access) bollocks this time round. The last game was shocking. I’ll wait to see what gamers say about it this time round. I hope its decent but I have a bad feeling it won’t be any better than last time.

  4. [6] FTW!

  5. That was a really shit trailer

  6. I can’t get excited for this game at all.

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