Valve Introduce A $100 Submission Fee For Steam Greenlight.

After a huge influx of titles of varying quality, Valve has decided to add a submission fee to its new Steam Greenlight service.

Greenlight has been created to give the Steam community a voice when it comes to what games should make it onto the platform. In order to ensure the service is not flooded with halfhearted efforts, developers will have to cough up $100 for every game they put forward.


A statement released on Steam Community said:

The first update is a $100 fee for someone to post to Steam Greenlight. The proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play. We have no interest in making money from this, but we do need to cut down the noise in the system.

With the aim of keeping the quality bar high and all proceeds going to charity, can anyone really argue with Valve’s decision?



  1. Can’t argue with that! Although I’d be pretty annoyed if my game got declined after paying the fee, but fair’s fair.

    • If I understood the statement correctly (read it somewhere else with more details) it’s a one time fee that covers all your submissions. I don’t know what the rules are for resubmitting failed projects but those might be covered, too.

      • Ah right, well that’s an incredibly fair offer then, better than most out there too. Perhaps I should begin to learn programming…

  2. Douchebags can argue :)

  3. Nothing wrong with that

  4. <3 Valve. At times they seem like one of the only companies in the games industry who actually have a braincell.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Apart from the mild hatred of consoles for a bit, they really now how to make everything work well. I’ve recently joined the PC gaming scene, and I have to say Steam is so good. The deals they do have hooked me into buying 3 games in the past 2 weeks.
      This greenlight programme is a good move from them and if charging the fee keeps the quality up and charity’s funded, then I’m all for it.

    • Agree with the above. Recently, my gamimg has started to shift more towards PC than console, and as a consequence I find myself using steam very regularly.

      The more I do, the more I start to appreciate it as a business model. Great customer sevice, and a very reasonable price point. Sony/Microsoft/Ninty should take note!

    • I agree. Steam seems to be the only software provider that cares about their customers more then profits or making it very hard to pirate the game unlike Origin which i’ve heard tends to delete games if you uninstall regardless of publisher as well as having a lot of DRM. Hell, if i have a gaming PC and a job, chances are i would be using my PC more then i would my PS3. :O If only Sony and MS would take a leaf out of Valve’s book and offer the same type of deals either on their first party stuff or on third party stuff as Valve can do that without getting into major trouble(that i’ve heard of).

  5. Very good move on their behalf. Weeding out the chaff and donating money to charity at the same time – hats off.

  6. Fair enough as you will end up making hundreds to thousands if your game is greenlighted. Valve should have seen this coming as some people love to take the piss. Plus if you can’t afford 100$ then chances are you won’t have the software required to code a game. Also donating it to charity is an excellent move as they could have easily kept the cash for themselves. Bet a certain paper will fail to mention this.

  7. Lovely idea and the donation element just puts the icing on the cake. Bloody awesome.

    • The cake is a lie… ;)

      In all seriousness though, good on Valve!

      • Actually, the cake was never a lie. Also, i ate it when Mike wasn’t looking. :p Wait, i’m going to regret saying this aren’t i?

  8. Anyone who has looked at greenlight would understand, the amount of joke submissions is staggering.

  9. So am I correct in thinking that every greenlight submission, regardless of whether it goes anywhere or not, is subject to a $100 submission fee…. You’re paying $100 for the privilege of having your game voted upon for distribution?! Other than reducing the signal-to-noise ratio of spam entrants, how on earth is charging for this, rather than Valve having a proper review process, a good thing? (Giving the $100 to charity notwithstanding)

    Apple only charges you $99 (per year admittedly) for App Store development.

  10. Definitely recommend people head over and take a look at Greenlight as there are some pretty interesting games being proposed. And throw in a vote for Black Mesa while you’re at it (only has 15% of the required votes last I checked!) – I’d love to see that on Steam along with all the other Half Life stuff.

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