Elgato Game Capture HD Video Review



  1. Any chance of a text summary for those of us who cant watching long videos at work?

  2. Great review Tef. I’m really surprised that the HDMI output from PS3 can’t be utilised with the Elgato, that would really be it’s major selling point over others I’d have thought.
    The Elgato is awesomely tiny, around a third the size of my Avermedia capture device, although as you mentioned there has to be space for an internal HDD in the Avermedia, but small neat and compact is beautiful these days anyway ;)

    • Pretty sure it can with a debug PS3. Need to check.

      • yeah, you can turn off the HDCP on a debug and capture beautiful 1080p via HDMI.

    • It’s all on Sony’s head because they put HDCP on all video output via HDMI. So you won’t see anyone releasing a device that can record PS3 over HDMI.

  3. Hmm. I’ve been looking at a Haupauge PVR, very inerested in getting a capture card as I will be leaving work and studying soon (meaning more free time) – This looks like an option, I haven’t watched this video yet (as i’m a work) however i’ve read reviews and it looks pretty good, easy to use and seems simpler than the Hauppauge. We will see, also i’d agree with the post above about releasing a review in text format.

    • The Avermedia does exactly the same job as the Hauppauge, with composite HD through leads, but uses remote control for recording, stills, playback and utilities on the device, rather than setting up on your PC.

      • I wouldn’t buy a Hauppauge right now. I said towards the end of the video that they have the HD PVR 2 coming out in October (I believe it is), which adds a similar HDMI throughput system and a single cable Component solution for the PS3 too. So yeah, if that’s what you want, wait!

      • Interesting that you do’t need a PC to actually control Avermedia. Nice little feature.

        I’ll have to further investiage the Hauppuage 2 then, suppose it would be best to wait. I’m pshyched though.

  4. I’ll have a look at this later as i can’t watch at work, looks interesting.

  5. Great review.

    Really like the 1080p capturing and the caching/pause-record what you actually want, etc…. it’s a pity that it’s only a 30fps at 1080p, do you think would a USB3.0 version of the card help in this regard, or does it look more like an internal limitation of the device?

    I currently have an Avermedia C821, chosen principally because my PC is upstairs whilst the PS3 & xbox are downstairs with the main TV. I like it’s built in drive option, but have found a couple of issues with it detecting USB drives and not being able to copy from the internal HDD to the USB drive, although I do need to update the device’s firmware by the looks of it. And according to the release notes for the Avermedia (version 2.x) it now also uses MP4 as it’s default file format, not AVI

    • The USB speed is part of the internals, really. So if they decide USB3 is needed to get 1080p60, then it will require totally new hardware anyway!
      I don’t really know, but it seemed that they consider 1080p30 to be the most they can get out of this box.
      Really it’s a very minor limitation in the overall context of things. Barely anything runs at that on consoles, and when you’re watching video back it’s not as important because you’re not in control.

  6. Thanks, now I just want to get home and play some Everyday Shooter. :-)

  7. This video goes well with my “morning” coffee. Nice video review Teflon!

  8. I should really get myself one of these, great review too :)

  9. Is it also for PC

    • Yup. PC and Mac are both supported.

  10. Nice little review! I particularly liked the BF3 helicopter kill, good work :) Just out of interest what were you using for the PC capture bit?

    • On OSX there’s a few things, names of others I can’t remember, but the one I use is Snapz Pro X. Just a legacy bit of software I have somehow!

      Not sure about Windows, I’m afraid! For video game capture specifically there’s FRAPS, Bandicam and PlayClaw, which I have the latter option. Not sure about generalised screen recording.

      With 1080p support now, capturing PC video via HDMI using the GCHD should be a smoother process than when I last dabbled with it!

      • If you’re just recording a segment of your monitor screen camStudio is good. FRAPS is great for non-flash PC gaming though

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