Community Chronicle: 09/09/12

TSA’s Stig says hello. I’m sure you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about when I say that, but maybe in a few days time you will have a slight clue.

But enough of me being deliberately vague about things and stuff, it’s time for the Community Chronicle!

This week, Sciontc1 (also Wick, but I’m saving him for next week) sent me absolutely billions of photos of his gaming rig!

Seriously, he’s sent me a whole album stacked to the brim with photos of his PC, game stack and a lot of photos of his mouse, for some reason. Also a bit of a surprise at the bottom of the album!

Here’s a link to the full thing, but I’ve also picked out a few nice photos which I liked:

Some nice looking kit in there. A big chunk of AMD CPU power to go along with the obvious TSA wizardry that actually keeps it working. It might just be a sticker, but it has many a secret power!

If you’d like to help me out with some photos of your rig or gaming set up, just drop me a photo using the form at the bottom of this article, or get in touch with me on twitter and ask me for pointers!

My, my, it’s been a rather quiet week in terms of accomplishments on TSA. I do have one minor addition to last week’s haul, in that McProley earned himself the Darksiders 2 Platinum. Sorry I missed that!

Speaking of Darksiders and McProley, he has also polished off Darksiders 1, giving him the full set. Similarly Crazy_Del has earned the Darksiders 2 Platinum.

Elsewhere, Element666 enjoyed Tony Hawk’s HD so much that he did it twice, once for himself and once for his girlfriend. Youles triumphed over Death Mode in Sound Shapes (actually in the comments last Sunday), whilst R1MJAW has beaten Sleeping Dogs. Finally, Stueeeee zipped through Sly Cooper in just about 8 hours! That’s some seriously speedy thievery there.

That’s it! Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, or I guess you’re all waiting for new games to come out? Borderlands 2, anyone? Tell us in the comments what game you’re most looking forward too this final quarter to 2012.

Comment of the Week is back!

Without the Like button to guide me, though, I’m sure that I have missed a whole boat load of good comments, and in fact many of these come from just the last few days.

So I have five comments for you to pick from, starting with the obvious from Dr_mohannad and XisTG who are missing the Like button in order to give a big thumbs up to FruitOfDoom’s opinions on Media Molecule’s work.

You want Kinect support in Need For Speed? Al clearly doesn’t, posing the deep and thoughtful question “How about I press a button instead?” I also fancy teasing Tuffcub for spelling “fantastic” wrong. Bless his jet lagged cotton socks!

You know what, Steven actually made a good joke for the Tony Hawk’s HD competition. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling the universe just started contracting in on itself as a consequence. Nice one, Steven!

Finally, Awayze gives us a deeper insight into why Bieber’s songs top charts. It’s the little girls’ fault!

So, cast your votes, and please feel free to use this following form to submit gaming achievements and photos of your gaming rig:

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  1. Awayze’s comment made me laugh a lot, it’s probably true as well :P

    I’m most looking forward to both Far Cry 3 and F1 2012 but won’t get them, its complicated. Other than that LBP Vita for me.
    I’ve never actually featured in the accomplishments part of this, I should get a plat so I can.

  2. Thanks for the mention tef, I wasn’t that fussed about you missing me out last week. I only spent 3 days crying in the corner which is far better than the whole week i once spent when Youles gave me a wet willy. I all fairness though, I shouldve filled out one of your lovely forms rather than making you sieve through all the comments on What We Played :)

  3. Voted for Steven’s comment, great joke and then all systems were back to normal with his reply to Nofi’s comment that was actually meant as a reply for Hazelam. The universe immediately stopped contracting in on itself……damn that comment heirarchy!! LOL
    Forrest also got the Sleeping Dogs platinum this week ;)

  4. Holy hawk! I’ve actually won the THPS HD comp due to SCEE. SCEE actually did something right for once. :O Still a bit surprised Hazelam didn’t beat me to it due to unholy hate of SCEE. ;) Weird thing is that i wasn’t really trying that hard. O-o

    • That’s because normally you try too hard!

      • I don’t try too hard, i try too soft. I’ll grab my coat.

  5. Righ Tef, after several weeks of (false) promises, I’m definitely going to photo my rig/collection for you next weekend!

    • DO IT! ;)

      • Yup, the wife is taking our boy to her parents so it’s a weekend of gaming and generally being a bum. The perfect time to lay it all out without my son destroying/eating/throwing all my precious stuff! ;)

      • I’ll model it for you if you like?

      • Why not! ;)

  6. Once I’ve moved into a flat with Wick15 it will change, as I’ll be upgrading the case and power supply. I didn’t realise I had so many photos of my mouse(some were of when i first got it and I was testing a HDR app). The AK47 is a must for DayZ and battlefield 3. The most important feature of the keyboard is the auto run feature which helps a lot while playing DayZ I had to have a TSA sticker on the case to show my allegiance to the core.

    • I was creasing up at how many photos you had of your mouse. :)
      It’s all good, though. It is a nice mouse, after all!

  7. AMD? Seriously? Might do the job, but the last 4 AMD processors I’ve come across (including one top of line quad core CPU) where underwhelming, to say the least. To think AMD would step down from the Athlon64 to these processors … :(

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